A Budding Feline Friendship

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 12:15pm
grey tabby Francine

When Jessica Lovelace-Chandler visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan for the first time, she was nervous but hopeful that she’d find a cat who could be a companion to her older, resident cat named Winston. Our staff led Jessica to meet some friendly felines who would be great candidates for cat companionship. That’s where Jessica met Francine, a sweet kitty who had been the victim of a hoarding situation.

Francine“When I met Francine, she was very nervous and hiding out, but she still managed to let me pet her head,” Jessica says. “She was so soft and cute, and I had sympathy for her story and background. I could tell she would be shy at first but was very much looking for love, which has proven to be true!”

Once in Jessica’s home, Francine was still pretty shy. She didn’t eat much at all and seemed uninterested in human affection.

“I knew things would take time, and I knew how to handle the situation thanks to the wonderful coaching I received at the Adoption Center,” Jessica says.

With patience, loving care, and some time alone spent in Jessica’s bathroom, Francine seemed ready to come out of her shell and join her new crew. And, while Winston wasn’t sure what to think of Francine at first, he is coming around as well.

“Winston hissed viciously every time he walked by Francine’s door and at the slightest reminder that she was in the house,” Jessica says. “Francine handled it all like a champ, which made me particularly glad the adoption center had suggested her as a cat-friendly cat.  I'm pleased to say…that they are able to be in the same room now and get along. They're not best friends yet, but they tolerate each other.  I'm sure as time goes on, they'll continue to grow with love—or at least, acceptance.”

We feel sure these three amigos will enjoy a long-lasting friendship.