A Budding Feline Friendship

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 12:15pm
grey tabby Francine

When Jessica Lovelace-Chandler visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan for the first time, she was nervous but hopeful that she’d find a cat who could be a companion to her older, resident cat named Winston. Our staff led Jessica to meet some friendly felines who would be great candidates for cat companionship. That’s where Jessica met Francine, a sweet kitty who had been the victim of a hoarding situation.

Francine“When I met Francine, she was very nervous and hiding out, but she still managed to let me pet her head,” Jessica says. “She was so soft and cute, and I had sympathy for her story and background. I could tell she would be shy at first but was very much looking for love, which has proven to be true!”

Once in Jessica’s home, Francine was still pretty shy. She didn’t eat much at all and seemed uninterested in human affection.

“I knew things would take time, and I knew how to handle the situation thanks to the wonderful coaching I received at the Adoption Center,” Jessica says.

With patience, loving care, and some time alone spent in Jessica’s bathroom, Francine seemed ready to come out of her shell and join her new crew. And, while Winston wasn’t sure what to think of Francine at first, he is coming around as well.

“Winston hissed viciously every time he walked by Francine’s door and at the slightest reminder that she was in the house,” Jessica says. “Francine handled it all like a champ, which made me particularly glad the adoption center had suggested her as a cat-friendly cat.  I'm pleased to say…that they are able to be in the same room now and get along. They're not best friends yet, but they tolerate each other.  I'm sure as time goes on, they'll continue to grow with love—or at least, acceptance.”

We feel sure these three amigos will enjoy a long-lasting friendship.

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Peggy Danddridge

i have been this a few times ad it is always rewarding.

linda barlieb

I lived in Minnesota for a while and I had adopted a Pure white cat with 2 different colored eyes. The Humane Society said that she had been surrendered back to them 5 or 6 times for being Timid and Shy. I promised her that I wouldn't take her back and She has been the Sweetest Thing. That was 7 years ago.
I recently adopted a Pure Black Cat from a Client of mine who could no longer take care of her. She is the exact Opposite of the white one. gets into everything and seems to attack the other one for no reason. But lately they seem to tolerate each other a little more I've had the Black one for almost 7 months now and She's going to be 2 next month. Sure hope that they really start to become friends. at least they are tolerating each other I guess I should be happy with that.


Francine is a beautiful cat! So glad she was rescued from terrible hoarding. Thanks Jessica for giving her a loving home. Hopefully Winston and her WILL be best friends before you know it!


I wish I could rescue a cat but my Lily is very attached to me and I fear it would make her feel I deserted her. So glad it worked for you


Please remember to not fault the people in these hoarding situations. They give these animals a home they might not otherwise have with every intention of helping them. They just get overwhelmed and it gets out of control. Their emotions get the best of them. Some people have a bigger heart than others

Suzanne Welch

All cat lovers should know about Cat Behavior Specialist, Jackson Galaxy. He is phenomenal with cats. Here is his bio:


Seen man feeding cats every morning outside of abandoned building. Noticed cats weaving in and out of his legs and even rolling-over to be pet. Befriended man and cats. Have rescued 15 cats so far with only a few remaining. All rescued cats got their shots and are in loving(warm)homes. Building has since become condemned and is scheduled to be demolished. One of rescued cats was a pregnant female that birthed a litter the day after catching her. I currently have rescued female that just gave birth about 2 wks ago in my spare room. Weather outside was 9* the morning she gave birth. There are still 3 more that we need to rescue before demolition starts next month. Working on rescuing remaining. It's just who we are.


My first cat was NOT very happy when I rescued a second cat-with time , these two now snuggle together -sleep together -etc. Loving and happy together !


First, when I was 7 yrs. old, I saved a girl and a boy cat. They were mates. The boy was a Bombay with a lot of white on his underbelly and chest area. We named him Max. And his mate was an American Shorthair. We named her Alley, because she loved in an alley with Max. later, Alley had 3 kittens. Two of them looked like Alley, who we named Mixi and Muskrat, and the other one looked like Max, who we named Jake. My BFF kitten, was Muskrat. SHE WAS SO CUTE!! And last, just in 2012, I saved a weak, skinny, helpless kitten. He was a mix of a Norwegian Forest cat, and an American Shorthair. We named him Tango. We have three cats, but the 2nd one we got was named Scooter. Anyway, Tango was so hungry and skinny, that you could see his rib cage. But he ate a lot when we brought him in. So he was healthy and well fed.

That is my story as a 12 year old girl. I have grown up around cats (I also have two hermit crabs, three cats, a dog and a rabbit who I got when I was four. If you have any questions, just comment please!! Thank you for reading my story. Hope you do the same if you see a stray animal.

Peace. Love. Animals (my motto)


Thanks Jessica for adopting Francine. You did a great job! ; - )