Bubba Cat Swaggers His Way Home

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 10:00am
Orange cat takes a nap with a green stuffed monkey

Diane R. shared her story with us about a spontaneous trip to the ASPCA Adoption Center that resulted in bringing home a new furry friend named Bubba. Bubba has quite the personality and always keeps Diane on her toes.

I had two cats that I brought with me when I moved to New York City. They both passed away, and I knew that one day I would welcome another furry friend into my life when the time was right.

I heard there was a rescue facility somewhere near me on the Upper East Side. One July afternoon, I decided to get some fresh air and run errands. As I walked down Second Avenue, I saw a poster for the ASPCA on the side of a bus stop. Then, as I was about to check in on Foursquare at a grocery store, the first address that came up was for the ASPCA. I took the hint and headed there.

The entire staff was patient, helpful, kind and professional. In the third room I visited, I met one slightly shy guy, Bubba. He had the sweetest face and as I tried to pet him, he swatted me. I loved that! My previous boy cat had the same feisty swagger.

I met many amazing cats, but on the way out, I had to see Bubba one more time. When we opened the door, Bubba zoomed out as though to say, “Let's go already!" Now I was sure—he was my guy.

I tried to set him up in the bathroom to start, as the Adoptions staff suggested, but Bubba had his own agenda. He wanted to be where I was, so I set up a blanket on my living room floor. During Bubba's first days at home he slept, ate and played a lot! He explored my entire apartment.  

Bubba has a vibrant and curious personality and cracks me up on a daily basis. He is so sweet, and welcomes me home with the most perfect tiny meow. I cannot thank the ASPCA enough for the gift of allowing me to adopt Bubba! He has made me smile, laugh out loud, and has filled my heart since I brought him home.

orange cat plays hide-and-seek under couch