Bubba Cat Swaggers His Way Home

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 10:00am
Orange cat takes a nap with a green stuffed monkey

Diane R. shared her story with us about a spontaneous trip to the ASPCA Adoption Center that resulted in bringing home a new furry friend named Bubba. Bubba has quite the personality and always keeps Diane on her toes.

I had two cats that I brought with me when I moved to New York City. They both passed away, and I knew that one day I would welcome another furry friend into my life when the time was right.

I heard there was a rescue facility somewhere near me on the Upper East Side. One July afternoon, I decided to get some fresh air and run errands. As I walked down Second Avenue, I saw a poster for the ASPCA on the side of a bus stop. Then, as I was about to check in on Foursquare at a grocery store, the first address that came up was for the ASPCA. I took the hint and headed there.

The entire staff was patient, helpful, kind and professional. In the third room I visited, I met one slightly shy guy, Bubba. He had the sweetest face and as I tried to pet him, he swatted me. I loved that! My previous boy cat had the same feisty swagger.

I met many amazing cats, but on the way out, I had to see Bubba one more time. When we opened the door, Bubba zoomed out as though to say, “Let's go already!" Now I was sure—he was my guy.

I tried to set him up in the bathroom to start, as the Adoptions staff suggested, but Bubba had his own agenda. He wanted to be where I was, so I set up a blanket on my living room floor. During Bubba's first days at home he slept, ate and played a lot! He explored my entire apartment.  

Bubba has a vibrant and curious personality and cracks me up on a daily basis. He is so sweet, and welcomes me home with the most perfect tiny meow. I cannot thank the ASPCA enough for the gift of allowing me to adopt Bubba! He has made me smile, laugh out loud, and has filled my heart since I brought him home.

orange cat plays hide-and-seek under couch

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Bubba sounds like an absolute delight. I am so happy that you found each other and especially that Bubba has a safe, loving, caring, fun-filled new life. As you say in your "happy tail," it was meant to be! Blessings to the both of you.


Catties are magical creatures.

Vinny,from Worc...

Buba is such a sweet honey of a guy.
He will be there for you for a long time to come.
treat him please,with tender love and affection always and bring him to the doctores
often for check up and keep him healthy and give hime all of your tender love and affection without restrant.
I have very warm and loving maincoon boy named Wolf.
He had been with me for tweelve years now.
I understand the pain and suffering that you went through with loosing your two other precious family members.
I wish you the very best of years with your son Buba (:
Signed,Vinny from Worcester MA (:


I hope to spread the word EVERYWHERE! You are absolutely right about Dr. visits. I had an orange and white Tabby named Mawoo (he vocalized with that so it became his name). He was 1 or 2 years old when I got him as a stray. He was the best friend I've ever had. I had him 14 years. I never took him for checkups as I can't really afford them, but I took him in for cortisone shots for flea dermatitis. One vet actually listened and found a stage 4 (out of 6) heart murmur. Blood tests revealed an out of control thyroid. 700 dollars later, I had to keep him on medicine, but after 5 or six months, his heart failed in a very bad way. I had to put him down myself. Nov 8th 2014. I will never forget him. But because of him, I will have Morgan (adopted from humane soc) checked per schedule. My heart will always have a Mawoo shaped hole in it, but Morgan does her best to fill it.
Please take your own advice as well. Thank you.

Diane in Burbank

Thank you for giving Bubba a forever home!


I am looking forward to an experience where I "know" the right little cat for me. I left NY with two females and they both passed away. When you have a pet you do not feel alone!!!


What a sweet angel! Love the photo of him hiding. Pets do crack us up with their antics!


He looks exactly like my cat Sunshine!!!! What a love!!!!


I am so happy to know Bubba has a loving home.


What a lovely story! I have two orange tabbies myself and they are the sweetest cats. Our two black girl- cats are far more temperamental than Rouge and Archie on any day. Thanks for sharing your story!