Brooklyn Cat Brutally Kicked in Facebook Video Now Ready for Adoption

Sunday, June 8, 2014 - 8:30am

Update: Great news!! King has been adopted! Stay tuned to to learn more about King's new forever home. 

Last month, animal advocates were outraged when a video of a Brooklyn man brutally kicking a cat emerged online. Authorities were immediately notified, and on May 6, one day after the video was posted, the NYPD brought the cat to the ASPCA Animal Hospital for emergency veterinary care. His name is King.

After receiving medical treatment and a full behavioral evaluation, we are thrilled to announce that King is now recovered and looking for a forever home! During his stay with the ASPCA, King has proven to be an affectionate and playful cat. ASPCA shelter staff recommends that King’s adopter have plenty of previous cat experience, and he would do best in a single-cat household with respectful kids over age 12.

If you are a qualified adopter and would like to learn more about making this lovely cat the King of your castle, please call (212) 876-7700, ext. 4044.

While we realize that there may be many loving homes willing to welcome him, there is only one King. However, June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, and we want to remind all interested adopters that there are plenty of loving cats and kittens waiting to meet their matches in shelters across the country! The best way people can help cats like King is to visit the ASPCA Adoption Center—or any local shelter—and meet homeless animals equally deserving of loving families.

The NYPD arrested the man suspected of kicking King on May 5. King’s case reinforces the importance of reporting animal cruelty in a timely manner, and we are so proud of animal advocates for stepping up to help this sweet cat.

To learn which agencies are responsible for investigating and enforcing anti-cruelty laws in your area, visit our Fight Cruelty section.

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Oh, sweet baby, your resilience and beauty take my breath away. I wish for you a safe, happy, loving home where you will be cherished and treated like the angel that you are.

Thank you to the kind, good people who rescued you and to the ASPCA who brought you back to health.

I have nothing to say about the clown who brutalized you. I do hope that the law takes good care of him.

Angela Beattie

Well said, I totally agree with you. Happy life little cat.x


You are one sweet, adorable, good-natured-looking cat, King, like all cats - even the old ones, the crooked ones, the ones missing a tail or a limb or an ear, but who still give love and affection and who need a forever home.

Maybe their eyes - unlike yours - are blue, or green, or deep brown; maybe they're blind, or deaf, or missing one or more teeth; maybe they're a bit older, or a lot; maybe their coat is not as soft as yours; maybe they have extra toes or - like my guy who crossed the rainbow bridge last year - they have an extra little furred flap inside their ear. Naybe they like to play crankypants, or they are super-sucky love-me-all-the-time sponges.

Doesn't matter. Like you, all cats are more loving toward humans, more generous with your time, than the young idiot who kicked you. Like you, all cats can make a human feel good just by butting your head against one's leg, or by curling in a warm ball on one's lap.

This love you cats give to us without asking for anything in return, which shows just how selfish humans are - but we learn from you, and after we have had a presence such as yours, we are more giving and loving (even if we won't admit it), we're better for having taken care of you and exchanging affection. Yes, cats are truly a gift that keeps on giving, for which we are all grateful.


Your words were beautifully put, I love the compassion you have for animals.


Wonderfully compassionate response. Thank you, bluemlein.

Linda Benfield

wonderfully worded expression from the heart

Drake & Shy

My kitties say that was the most beautiful writing we have ever read, thank you for taking the time to write it and remind us how great cats truly are =) We know King is gonna get all the care and love he deserves with his forever parents, and we sure hope the jerk gets all he has coming.


That was really nice blumlein .. I love cats so much .. I have six, I wish I could take this baby ..God Bless you King and God Bless all the people at the ASPCA that help with these wonderful babies <3

Rick Vestal

More stories like this! When people see success stories from the ASPCA they stand behind them.


Don't forget about your local cats wandering the streets too. Treble Maker who figured out how to break into my house just got me blocked by the spam filter trying to make her comment :) She is too sweet and too funny!