Bronx Dog Fighting Victim Recovers, Finds New Home

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 1:00pm
Bronx Dog Fighting Victim

On the heels of last week’s guilty plea by Raul Sanchez for his involvement in a Bronx-based dog fighting operation, we are thrilled to report that many of the dogs are thriving in their new lives as beloved pets.

In November, we told you a very happy story about Ninja, one of the dogs we rescued and rehabilitated, who found a wonderful forever home. Now we have another heartwarming success story to share: Mona Lisa, who was one of 50 dogs we rescued in June from that dark, dingy Bronx basement, recently went home to a loving family.

Mona now lives with two loving pet parents in a spacious house overlooking 50 mountainside acres, where she takes frequent hikes with her new dog sister, Zelda. Her other favorite activities include snuggling with Zelda by the fireplace and lounging on the couch with her new pet parents.

Mona Lisa’s journey to adoption wasn’t easy. After her rescue, she was transferred to one of our partner shelters, The Animal Support Project, Inc. (TASP) in Cropseyville, New York.

“When Mona arrived at the shelter, she cried and whined like a hyena and was extremely anxious, usually sitting pitifully at the kennel door,” says Melinda Plasse of TASP. But after plenty of attention, care and time to recover, Mona made great progress. “She is outgoing,” Melinda reports, “loves belly rubs, and is kind as can be to children and other animals.”

When we picture Mona Lisa romping around in the woods with her new family, we can’t help but smile. We’re working to make sure that animals nationwide won’t continue to suffer due to the cruel practice of animal fighting. Last week, legislators reintroduced the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, which would make attending an organized animal fight a federal offense and would impose additional penalties for bringing a minor to an animal fight.

Please join us in our efforts by asking your own House representative to support this important humane legislation.

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Bobby Martin

Dog fighting and the abuse of animals makes me sick to my stomach. Even to hear others making verbal abuse toward animals makes me fighting mad. Heard a animal control officer a few weeks ago make a comment that if we didn't find a home for a adorable little dog, he would be put down. Another gentleman (idiot) says, "Well goodnight". Needless to say, I had a lot to say to the man. I just cannot understand these peoples mentality. The poor animals have more sense than many humans, especially this particuliar man. All I can say is, if you do and say bad things, bad things will happen to you.

Suzanne Devlin

I wish we would enact laws everywhere that made it "mandatory" to impose a minimum 10 year prison sentence for anyone involved in dog fighting in any capacity and advertise it everywhere in English and Spanish so these monsters get the message loud and clear. These people that treat animals this horrific way will show the same disregard to humans as well at some point in their pathetic lives.


Those who would seek to profit from investing dog fighting, those who handle and abuse the dogs, keeping them until they kill them when they've served their purpose. Customers who along with children, go to view these horrifying spectacles, all should be subject to stiff penalties. Animal abusers should not only pay fines but, do time. It escapes me at the moment, but one jurisdiction recently passed such legislation. Good for them for setting the example.

Jaime Perez

I am so happy for Mona Lisa! She deserves to be loved and cared for and be a part of a forever family. I hate dog fighting, and don't understand how anyone can even do this to an animal. There are some sick people in this world. I really hope the laws get tighter and the punishments get harsher for dog fighters.


Natural Instincts kick in and bravery on your part is what I seek in people I want to be around! If any animal is being hurt I'm the one making my move and don't hestitate! Thank You for your God given love!


All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing. We need a lot more good people who are brave enough to do the right thing!


I am so glad to read this story it had such a sad beginning but such a beautiful ending Im and glad Mona Lisa was blessed with a loving family!!!!! I myself am a pittie mommy my Roxxi is my world and my daughters world she is the best dog anyone could ever ask for!!! if people would just stop abusing the breed .... if a petition ever comes up for people to sign that are completley FOR federal charges being filed against people who attend dog fights let me know so I can sign it!!!!!!!!!

Marie and Roxxi from TEXAS!!!


As far as I can remember, my wife and I have taken a plunge towards loving dogs. Starting a good 25 years ago, we've adopted all the dogs we had from past to preseant except 2. No, not store bought (those two) but given to us. Right now we have 5 dogs but one, a little Snauzer Poodle named "little ZoZo", originally Zoie, has dimentia from 2 strokes and 2 siesures recently, she's about 14 or 15 now. She wonders around and is half blind but is still loving. She pees on the floor because she doesn't really grab the concept anymore, of going out to do it. People say "you should put her down" and my only reply is "my grandfather had dimentia, and we didn't put him down", because we feel all things should live thier time untill taken by the one and only. We couldn't do this to her and besides, last year I put my 17 year old shep down because he couldn't walk anymore and just today got teary eyed again when I looked at his picture. We recently gained ownership of another Shep, Cody. His previous owner couldn't handle him and was going to have him put to sleep because they couldn't find someone to take him...untill I found out, that is. My wife didn't want another dog and Cody the shep (BEAR??), now 1 1/2 years later, weighs in at 136lbs. He sleeps on my feet every night (ugg!!, but I love it). We had to get a queen sized bed to accomodate the three that insisted on sleeping with us.
Why people see dogs as just dogs is beyond me, they chain them to dog houses, some just poles and others live in the mud and snow during bad weather and yet these creatures love their masters (owners...keepers??) with all their blessed little hearts.
Fighting dogs? Frankly I'd rather see the owners of those dogs kill themselves. They have no love of life or what it should be, only the screwed up world they created for themselves making people like us have to suffer when they decide to rob us or kill someone on a whim for 10$...if they find it.
Save the dogs, they're beyond self survival and need "US" to protect "them". The only thing I regret about having a dog love me is that if an intruder would break into my home, my dog can get shot protecting me (not trained to do so) or if he would go after someone to protect his family (pack) he'd be taken away and be put down because he'd be declaired dangerous to society.
Like they always is "god" spelled backwards. He put them here for a reason, think about it. Why do they love us so much?? Having a bad day? Talk to your dog...he understands everything and won't comment one way or the other to sway your thoughts but!! You feel better afterwards, don't you!! ??
PS, I'm allergic to dogs but wouldn't have it any other way!!

Mary Ballard

My comment may get pulled, but here goes - hanging is too good for anyone who actively or as a spectator participates in any animal/bird fighting display. Animals are not on Earth for the "entertainment" (although how anyone could consider this entertainment is simply beyond me) of Man.


People who do such crap as this is not human, they are sick monsters, and they would hurt anything or anyone for money, that why Gods word says, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, because people will do anything for money. They will fight animals, steel, lie, cheat, rob, murder and many other thing, and all FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY.