Bronx Dog Fighting Victim Recovers, Finds New Home

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 1:00pm
Bronx Dog Fighting Victim

On the heels of last week’s guilty plea by Raul Sanchez for his involvement in a Bronx-based dog fighting operation, we are thrilled to report that many of the dogs are thriving in their new lives as beloved pets.

In November, we told you a very happy story about Ninja, one of the dogs we rescued and rehabilitated, who found a wonderful forever home. Now we have another heartwarming success story to share: Mona Lisa, who was one of 50 dogs we rescued in June from that dark, dingy Bronx basement, recently went home to a loving family.

Mona now lives with two loving pet parents in a spacious house overlooking 50 mountainside acres, where she takes frequent hikes with her new dog sister, Zelda. Her other favorite activities include snuggling with Zelda by the fireplace and lounging on the couch with her new pet parents.

Mona Lisa’s journey to adoption wasn’t easy. After her rescue, she was transferred to one of our partner shelters, The Animal Support Project, Inc. (TASP) in Cropseyville, New York.

“When Mona arrived at the shelter, she cried and whined like a hyena and was extremely anxious, usually sitting pitifully at the kennel door,” says Melinda Plasse of TASP. But after plenty of attention, care and time to recover, Mona made great progress. “She is outgoing,” Melinda reports, “loves belly rubs, and is kind as can be to children and other animals.”

When we picture Mona Lisa romping around in the woods with her new family, we can’t help but smile. We’re working to make sure that animals nationwide won’t continue to suffer due to the cruel practice of animal fighting. Last week, legislators reintroduced the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, which would make attending an organized animal fight a federal offense and would impose additional penalties for bringing a minor to an animal fight.

Please join us in our efforts by asking your own House representative to support this important humane legislation.

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I cannot imagine why someone would do this to innocent animals. It makes me so angry! Thank God she has a good home! She is adorable!


One can tell how civilized a nation really is by the way they treat their animals; We have a long way to go.....Peace and Ecology Now!


Karl Marx once said that if the essence of things coincided with their existence, there would be no need for science. With that in mind, what is the essence of dog fighting? What has happened to human compassion? We are to be the stewards and protectors of our domestic animals. Let's pray this abominable practice is stopped before many more animals must suffer needless pain, neglect, and lonliness.

Susan Nacht

I, too, am the fortunate mommy of an innocent fighting victim.. the most loving, happy go lucky pitbull -- she's 8 now and still has scars on her face where the skin was torn off -- and the poorly repaired ACL which gives her a hitch in her gait from time to time... she's loving and mentally without scars as she enjoys the love of her family and sister rescue Molly.

Kathryn Baker

I'm so glad that you rescued those poor dogs. It is indeed a happy feeling just to imagine Mona Lisa romping in her new home. I wish the best to the ASPCA, kudos to your organization for your exemplary work on behalf of animals!


I am in tears (of joy) reading Mona Lisa's story. Thank God she was one of the lucky ones & is now thriving in her new life. SO much work to save these helpless animals. Thank you ASPCA!!!!


Thank God for you and loving pet adopters without whom I would be scared to think what would happen to these precious neglected creatures. God bless

Maria Quinones

United States need a strong laws. Whoever used the dog as a bait . should go a jail for 20 years and let them learn a lesson not to do it again. It is why people who trained the dog to be bait because their get away with murder. When these evil thing will stop! Please we need to voice for the voiceless dogs not to be a bait anymore .. It is not love............


Why people do these things for their own profit. How someone can watch animals fight is just sinful. I'm so happy for these innocent victims that were saved from that horrible life.

Pam Cross

Pits get such a bad rap. Anyone interested in who pits really are should read the book "I'm a Good Dog." It is a short, easy read that all legislators should read before ever considering any BSL. Where you sow love you will grow love. And pits will accept that love at any stage of their lives. Let's give them the chance they so deserve!