Bronx Dog Fighter Sentenced to Hard Time

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 4:30pm
FIR team member with dog rescued from raid

The dogs rescued from a Bronx dog fighter’s basement last year are finally getting justice. Raul Sanchez, who pleaded guilty to dog fighting a few weeks ago, is now heading to prison.

Last week a judge sentenced Sanchez to one to three years for animal fighting, one year for animal cruelty and one year for criminal possession of a weapon. (Sanchez will serve these sentences concurrently.)

He’s also been slapped with a ban on keeping animals for the duration of his parole. Sanchez waived his right to appeal.

We hope Sanchez’s sentence serves as a reminder to dog fighters that their crimes against innocent animals carry serious consequences.

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it is not nearly enough time nor a cruel enough punishment, i wish we could allow the dogs that are abused have their turns abusing those who abused them, i dont think these people would think of doing it again, he had a slap on the hand, these animals are so severly abused that it is nearly impossible to get their spirits back and they will allways have a trust issue with humans. i own 2 beautiful blue american pitbulls myself, and i could never imagine harming my children, they love everyone and everything, hell, my females best friend is the neighbors cat, the cat jumps on her back and latches on and my little girl takes off in a full sprint through the yards and the cat loves it, everyday i come home one of them open the front door for me to greet me, when something does nothing but aim to please the hand that feeds them how could anyone do such horiffic things to an animal that is so loyal?

paul bell

He needs to know that he will be watched upon release and that his ilk will not be tolerated.

catherine davis

One to three years is NOT good enough but it's a small step in the right direction. Sentences of mandatory five years would be more appropiate and make these people think BEFORE they act stupidly and cruelly towards animals. And five years parole and they can never have another animal in their possession added to the five years and just maybe, they will pay attention.


We need to mske sure he serve the full sentence ...I think he should go to jail longer for been a heartless.

Nancy Adams

What ever time the 'perp' wasn't enough !!!!!


I just hope the day that the punishment is more severe, one year per animal mistreated. That will be 50 years that I dont have to worry about this munster killing dogs.


Should have at least been consecutively.


Here's someone who has no regard for another's life. He should be locked up for the rest of his life. It might not reach him to value animal lives but it will send a message to other jerks like him to think twice before comitting an act of animal cruelty.


Way less than he deserved...Too bad we are a civilized ppl because I say the punishment should fit the crime.......

JoAnne Klein

The sentence for Raul Sanchez is nothing more than a gentle tap. This jerk should have gotten one year for EACH dog, plus another year for the other offenses, AND SERVED CONSECUTIVELY!!! NOT CONCURRENTLY!