Bronx Dog Fighter Sentenced to Hard Time

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 4:30pm
FIR team member with dog rescued from raid

The dogs rescued from a Bronx dog fighter’s basement last year are finally getting justice. Raul Sanchez, who pleaded guilty to dog fighting a few weeks ago, is now heading to prison.

Last week a judge sentenced Sanchez to one to three years for animal fighting, one year for animal cruelty and one year for criminal possession of a weapon. (Sanchez will serve these sentences concurrently.)

He’s also been slapped with a ban on keeping animals for the duration of his parole. Sanchez waived his right to appeal.

We hope Sanchez’s sentence serves as a reminder to dog fighters that their crimes against innocent animals carry serious consequences.

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I agree with everyone. 3 Years is a slap in the face the criminal justice system has to change. Social paths start out as hurting animals or killing them then they move onto people, who's to say that these "dog fighters" aren't going to do the same. They both are harming or killing animals for a pleasure so why do we allow or tolerate the lesser crime for them? I believe that animal cruelty or neglect laws need a stiff 15 year sentence, because 3 years is nothing and they will continue their dog fights regardless! We need to tell our states to mandate stiffer sentences for dog fighters as well!!


Why should they not have animals just for the duration of their parole? Seems to me that they have proven that they should NEVER have animals!

Patty McManus

This sentence is just a slap on the wrist. I wish animal abuse was a mandatory 5 yr minimum. And he will have pets again. Just like the lady in greenfield NY who was charged with animal cruelty/neglect and had all her horses taken from her. She was ordered not to have horses again. And sure enough it was on the news that she has horses on her property again. And still no shelter for them to be out if the elements! And probably no food and water again. So sad!

Emily Funke

Somehow, we all have to band together and get a petition going that renders harsher sentencing for animal abusers, both mandatory , no time lessened for good behavior in prison and a hefty fine . Make any kind of animal abuse a felony.It has to be enough to make such an impact that is causes the perpetrators to think long and hard whether they wants to risk the chance of serious punishment. It will make them think twice.


I agree, it's not long enough but a start!! Animals rock!!

Tami Drake

Yaaaaaaayyyyy! I, too, hope that this serves as a warning to other's who are or are thinking of fighting their dogs! They depend on us for care, are loyal (sometimes, like in this case, to a fault) and don't deserve to be treated like this anymore than we do!
Thank God for a Judge who takes this seriously!!!!!


That asshole SANCHES should be put to death


He didn't get nearly enough time. Child abusers get more why not animal abusers!

C. Roth

So now that the dogs, the "evidence" for the court is done. What will happen to the dogs? Rehab? a chance for adoption? or are you going to euthanize like other cities do?


Me loving animals to hear this it breaks my heart.if I where the judge I would send him to jail for life.i would also do the same thing he did to those dogs put through hell