Bronx Dog Fighter Sentenced to Hard Time

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 4:30pm
FIR team member with dog rescued from raid

The dogs rescued from a Bronx dog fighter’s basement last year are finally getting justice. Raul Sanchez, who pleaded guilty to dog fighting a few weeks ago, is now heading to prison.

Last week a judge sentenced Sanchez to one to three years for animal fighting, one year for animal cruelty and one year for criminal possession of a weapon. (Sanchez will serve these sentences concurrently.)

He’s also been slapped with a ban on keeping animals for the duration of his parole. Sanchez waived his right to appeal.

We hope Sanchez’s sentence serves as a reminder to dog fighters that their crimes against innocent animals carry serious consequences.

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Jack Stuart

If we don't increase the jail time then this cruelty will still go on, it is like a slap on the hands to these haters of dogs.
They are completely motionless, they have no feelings, it is a wonder they do not put their own children in the ring to fight to the death, they probably will one day. They will pay one way or the other, as God will judge them one day soon.


It's about time someone does something to these people that do this to these beautiful incennt dofies

Carl French

Sentence was not long enough and should have been served consecutively not concurrently as the judge said. Punishment should have been more like 10 years and a lifetime ban on owning an animal which could be used for fighting. Not sure if cats can be used for that purpose and maybe they could be included as well.

Clara Halfin

This individual must undergo mandatory counseling on the unacceptability of damaging cruel acts are to one's beneficial kindness to others is...and as part of parole, time spent working in the service of animal rescue!!!

Justice For Abu...

Thank You ASPCA for all you do!!!!!! People like this needs to spend the rest of their life in a dark hole

Janine Farina

Concurrently is a joke. Time to educate the judges.

Thomas does the judge figure that is adequate time? Can SOMEBODY show him pictures/videos of what happens during these dog fights and THEN come up with a more APPROPRIATE sentence. WE need to look at this for what it is! MURDER! Nothing short of killing the innocent. Please to an end to this!

Sheila Richards

I very much agree that sentences for animal cruelty need to be harsher. I very much go for the concept of doing to the person what they perpertrated on the animal! Any person found guilty of animal cruelty should be banned for life from owning any animal.

Merry Blake

To all of you who think it's terrible to kill these dogs: Did you eat meat today? Where do you think that came from? Some animal lived a short life and had a cruel death just so you could have one meal. Why value a dog's life more than a cow or chicken?


So glad this guy is busted. The plenty should be stiffer