Bronx Dog Fighter Sentenced to Hard Time

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 4:30pm
FIR team member with dog rescued from raid

The dogs rescued from a Bronx dog fighter’s basement last year are finally getting justice. Raul Sanchez, who pleaded guilty to dog fighting a few weeks ago, is now heading to prison.

Last week a judge sentenced Sanchez to one to three years for animal fighting, one year for animal cruelty and one year for criminal possession of a weapon. (Sanchez will serve these sentences concurrently.)

He’s also been slapped with a ban on keeping animals for the duration of his parole. Sanchez waived his right to appeal.

We hope Sanchez’s sentence serves as a reminder to dog fighters that their crimes against innocent animals carry serious consequences.

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Marci Willard

Animals should be treated with the same respect as humans!

ted sorce


Karin Olson

This person is the definition of a sociopath and let's hope that he has not reproduced. By the way antisocial disorder is a personality disorder and not treatable w/ meds. In other words-he likely will not change!

kristy kyle

the judge wasnt even smart enough to make him pay all money he has collected from being a sick sob, possibly he is kin to judge, to pay for helping animals. he will be out in no time and can get some more bait dogs off of craigslist for free and be back in business within the yr.


He should have been ordered to receive mandatory EDUCATION on why organized dog fighting is a crime. Most don't understand. Some are brought up with this in their "culture". Until the perps understand why it is a crime, it will never be corrected by incarceration alone.

Donald Lightbody

Where is the justice in
concurrent sentences? This is basically a slap on the wrist for this yob, given the charges against him. I fail to see why he could not be given consecutive sentences, but then again, I'm just a layman.

Debbie Saunders

Not enough, not enough, not enough!!! Why is more prison time given to someone who smokes weed (in most states) than tortures and kills pets (who are quite often stolen).

I'd be more than happy to administer the punishment to the unendowed.

louise despointes

the jail sentence is not much, he should have been asked to pay at least 5000$ of penalty to the state, & shouldn't ever be able to own an animal, as soon as he will be out he will start again!


How about one year for each dog? If sentencing is supposed to be a detterent this sentence is laughable. And animal ownership in the future? I thnk there should be someserious SPCA volunteer hours required before any person convicted of animal abuse is allowed possession of a pet. Woof.


I feel like they should be put to a more harsh of a punishment. In my honest opinion we should get a whole bunch of people and protest because I am tired seeing these articles because of animals being hurt. It's ridiculous that people are this cruel.