Bronx Dog Fighter Sentenced to Hard Time

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 4:30pm
FIR team member with dog rescued from raid

The dogs rescued from a Bronx dog fighter’s basement last year are finally getting justice. Raul Sanchez, who pleaded guilty to dog fighting a few weeks ago, is now heading to prison.

Last week a judge sentenced Sanchez to one to three years for animal fighting, one year for animal cruelty and one year for criminal possession of a weapon. (Sanchez will serve these sentences concurrently.)

He’s also been slapped with a ban on keeping animals for the duration of his parole. Sanchez waived his right to appeal.

We hope Sanchez’s sentence serves as a reminder to dog fighters that their crimes against innocent animals carry serious consequences.

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David Hightower

3 years is not enough even if he had to do the total amount. They should have started at 25 years and taken off a year for every name he gave them that led to an arrest for animal cruelty. He did not act alone. The others remain free.


Our state ( mich. ) will take their building and home plus car and long time in prison and everyone there watching goes to prison to plus if they take a kid to it they get a another 3 yrs also. I love my state for doing this.

Neil Richards

These individuals who are involved and promote dog fighting are the dregs of society with no conscience about humanity. They must be brought to swift and firm justice, knowing that these intolerable acts against innocent animals will not be tolerated. Lets all band together and let our governments know that as a society must bring this cruel practice to an end and show the world that tyranny exists in many forms and those who commit cruelty to innocent animals are not far removed from inflicting sadistic acts on humans.


This human monster should serve double the time & circumstances he inflicted on his animals, including the same foods, clothes, beds, amenities, temperature control, bathroom facilities, and medical care. As a reward, he should be allowed to participate in a 'fight' with some rednecks, since he liked 'dog fights'. After spending double the time in the basement, he should then go to jail, and serve 20 years, and the time for the crimes should be followed with NEVER being allowed within 300 yards of any 4-legged animal again in his life!! WHY DO WE ALLOW people like him to stay here on earth? UGH!

Anna L. York

The sentence is insufficient. Now we have to make sure he serves the full 3 years-not one minute less. He should be banned from having any pets for the duration of his miserable life. Let's lobby our elected officials for a law that encompasses increasing the penalty, a national animal abuser registry, and banning them from ever having a pet.

Jimmie P

That is what dog fighters should get. That, or they should be fed to Crocodiles!


Hang the guy by his balls for the duration of his sentence. See how he likes suffering

Dianna James

I feel that the sentence that he received was to light, he should have gotton more time. These are innocent animals and were subject to horror. As humans they do not forget what was inflicted upon them. They have just as much feelings as a human, and they feel pain as we do.

Patricia Allen

It is lenient sentences such as this that allow criminals to conduct these illegal activities. How long will this piece of vermin actually serve? What was the Judge thinking, or was he thinking and does he own a dog?


Distgusting, not nearly enough. They need to have stricter enforcement and longer sentencing on these "can't think of a suitable name to call them, nothing bad enough", to curb these " "s from continuing with this evil barbarism. I wish I were judge and jury.