Broncos and Seahawks, Meet Puppies and Chickens!

Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 2:45pm
Cute dog playing with football

The ASPCA is going to the Super Bowl! At least, some of our favorite animals are: From today all the way through game day, a jumbo screen outside of MetLife Stadium in New Jersey will air two different ASPCA ads—one about puppy mills and pet store puppies, and the other about the welfare of chickens raised for meat.

Our research has revealed that most people would not buy a puppy if they knew she was born in a puppy mill—but it also showed that most people didn’t realize that almost all dogs offered for sale in pet shops are from puppy mills. We’ve been working to close this information gap with our No Pet Store Puppies campaign, and our 15-second Super Bowl spot is a wonderful opportunity to inform the public about the connection between puppy mills and retail pup sales.

More than 1 billion chicken wings will be eaten on Super Bowl Sunday—that many wings could form a line from CenturyLink Field, the Seattle Seahawks’ home stadium, all the way to MetLife Stadium…30 times over! Nearly all of these wings came from chickens raised in dirty, cramped quarters who were bred to grow so big, so fast they can hardly walk. But it doesn’t have to be that way: Chickens deserve better, and so do we. Check out the ad below, then share it on Facebook and Twitter. And if you haven’t already, make sure you stand up for healthier, more humanely raised chickens by signing our petition at

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This is an excellent idea. New York has a very bad reputation the way they treat these innocent animals. So it is very important to educate the people who have no idea what it is to be kind & compassionate towards the vulnerable and defenceless animals. Bravo ASPCA. I wish I had the chance to join hands with you for this occassion. But I live very far away from you. Please keep the good work. Love you all.


So you are condemning an entire state of people? Really? Many of us in NY love animals and volunteer, rescue, foster and adopt them. Please don't generalize or stereotype, it makes you look ignorant.

S. O. Rooney

Actually, Chris, it seems to me that you are the one that looks ignorant for being so defensive about a comment that was well-intended, and was not really the blanket indictment of New York residents that you seem to want to make it out to be. I find your response indicative of the nasty, spiteful, petty attitude so many of the people that comment on ASPCA blogs have. People that love animals should be more caring toward people as well.


Really? It is a world wide thing. Not just NY, sorry to have upset you!


If you look at the places puppy mills are located you'll see they are not in New York but other states. The NY ASPCA does the best job helping animals, getting forever parents. I've enjoyed reading the stories about saving animals there tho' I live in CA. Here we have lowered the numbers of animals euthanized by following the example of NY ASPCA.


Chickens are just as loveable and responsive as dogs and cats. Think the next time you eat them...................................

Elizabeth Riley

I can't eat chicken, ever since I saw how badly they are treated, I'm practically a vegitarian!

Farm girl

Chickens, like other creatures, appreciate you feeding them. Some are more friendly than others. My son has a green parrot who knows where food comes from. I change the water in her dish when I'm there but that doesn't score nearly as much as favorite foods.




i love all animals and i hate it how in factory farms chickens
are treated like lifeless beings. have you heard what happens to
the cute baby roosters in the egg industry.
i am an ovo vegetarian and i only eat eggs that are free range or
organic. save the animals!!!