Breaking: Winners Announced in ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge

Friday, November 30, 2012 - 2:00pm

The ASPCA is on the ground today in cities across the country to celebrate with the winners of the 2012 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge and deliver some mighty big checks.

The $100K Challenge is our annual, three-month-long shelter contest to come up with new ways to get more homeless cats and dogs into loving homes. And get them into homes they did! In total, this year’s 50 contestants saved a whopping 56,232 animals’ lives.

But who took home the grand prize of 100,000 big ones? Well, people, Texas did it again. The grand prize winner of the 2012 $100K Challenge is the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services! The Central Texas shelter saved more than 4,054 animals in three months—that’s 1,384 more animals than it saved during the same three-month period in 2011. Amazing work—congratulations, San Antonio!

For a full list of winners, including second place and the Community Engagement Award recipient, please visit the $100K Challenge blog.

Want to help save more animals in your community? Encourage your local shelter to apply for the 2013 Challenge! Applications open on January 3, 2013. Stay tuned to for details.

The $100K Challenge is just one of many programs through which the ASPCA advocates for animals in need across the country. Help us continue to improve the lives of homeless pets.



I happen to be a foster for ACS San Antonio pets alive. It is a dept of ACS that pulls animals from the kill list and gets them into fosters or adopted out. The adoption process involves many pages and questions and my most recent adopter had to place nearly 200 down because this kitten wasn't neutered yet. Just this program alone I've seen them foster/adopt nearly 40 animals in one day. There are some of us trying to fix the kill rate instead of just talking and complaining about how bad it is. With more volunteers and fosters and donations we CAN save so many more. Be a part if the answer to this horrible situation.

christine walker

Congrats to the winners for doing an awsome job! Each animal placed in a forever home is another precious life saved. I adopted my cat Molly from a nearby shelter and wouldnt trade her for anything!!

Wendy Sterling

It is wonderful to help dogs and cats find homes. My wish is that all these people with big hearts will not forget the farm animals that suffered horribly when you make your choice of what to eat. A pig, for example, is no different than a dog in feeling pain, fear, and loneliness. They just get forgotten because it is hidden from the public.

h. post

HOW did San Antonio do it? What programs did they come up with that they/you could share with others?? Maybe you could post so we could learn..or is it posted somewhere HOW they did it?

Congratulations San Antonio Animal Care Services. Now I understand why Liza Kalmykov, my daughter spent so many nights working late and weekends at the shelter with events and activities. Good Job Everyone. I remember how it was a couple of years ago it was very sad. But look at the progress good leadership and a united staff and community can do. Hip, Hip Hooray.....!!!

Congrats on your win! So many happy animals saved and hopefully are in loving and safe homes. Let's keep the momentum going.

Nick Gaston

As a foster for ACS I can tell you the process to adopt is extensive. ACS employees and foster try to match the correct animal for a family. During this challenge I had 6 fosters dogs adopted out all have contacted me and gave me apppreciation for saving their new best friend and family member. Some have even contacted friends who want to adopt to help find their new friend. Fostering is a very rewarding and worthwile effort that I will continue to do. Congrats to ACS and all winners this year.

Sara Burt

It is truly amazing that in just 3 months all participating shelters saved 56,232 animals lives. This proves that when communities come together that anything is possible. I also want to congratulate my own state of Oregon for participating. Way to go Greenhill Humane Society of Eugene, OR. As for the concern that with rapid adoptions leaves less room for thorough screening. I can tell you from a person that has worked closely with my local animal shelters it is possible to have high numbers of animals being placed in loving homes without neglecting the screening process. It takes a whole lot people to do so but it is possible. I think that the last person to thank is Rachael Ray! She has done so much for animals since she started her talk show. I loved her even more when she came out as an advocate for Pit Bulls. I have always admired celebrities that used their fame as a platform for a good cause.