Breaking: Winners Announced in ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge

Friday, November 30, 2012 - 2:00pm

The ASPCA is on the ground today in cities across the country to celebrate with the winners of the 2012 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge and deliver some mighty big checks.

The $100K Challenge is our annual, three-month-long shelter contest to come up with new ways to get more homeless cats and dogs into loving homes. And get them into homes they did! In total, this year’s 50 contestants saved a whopping 56,232 animals’ lives.

But who took home the grand prize of 100,000 big ones? Well, people, Texas did it again. The grand prize winner of the 2012 $100K Challenge is the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services! The Central Texas shelter saved more than 4,054 animals in three months—that’s 1,384 more animals than it saved during the same three-month period in 2011. Amazing work—congratulations, San Antonio!

For a full list of winners, including second place and the Community Engagement Award recipient, please visit the $100K Challenge blog.

Want to help save more animals in your community? Encourage your local shelter to apply for the 2013 Challenge! Applications open on January 3, 2013. Stay tuned to for details.

The $100K Challenge is just one of many programs through which the ASPCA advocates for animals in need across the country. Help us continue to improve the lives of homeless pets.



Congrats on doing such an outstanding job of finding homes for so many homeless pets. Keep up the amazing job you're doing for those who cannot speak for themselves--the rest of us will have to work a little harder (and we will).


Great job this year!!!. And to the rest of the contestants good job.You saved many animals you all are heros.


From the city of Corpus Christi, thank you San Antonio for your hard work and determination! Thank you ASPCA and Rachael Ray! Keep saving lives! :)


Congratulation to all contestants, job well done!!

Gena Metcalf

This is such wonderful news for these wonderful people doing so many remarkable things.
Thanks so much from all of us who appreciate everything you do.

Steve Maxwell

Great job. Thanks for all the good work. Keep it up.

Mary Shepherd-Ennis

Question: Is this the RR, designer of womens fashion and if so, before I compliment this award, does she use real fur ever in her creations?

Margaret T. Gra...

God bless each and everyone of you in Texas and the whole world over for what you do for all of the animals. I wish that I had a place large enough to give all the babies (animals) a loving home. Again, God bless you all.


Where does the money won go?

Gigi Middlebrook

Way to go San Antonio!!!! Congrats!!!!! People always said that Texans do it bigger about everything. But in this case, it is true! Not only do you have a kick butt River Walk, now you have this award. Good on ya San Antonio!!!!