Breaking Update: ASPCA Responders Provide Emergency Rescue in NJ

Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 4:45pm

The ASPCA is marking day two of water and land rescues in Ocean County, New Jersey, in one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. This afternoon, the ASPCA’s Dr. Dick Green and Bruce Earnest rescued four cats and their pet parent, a woman in her seventies, who lived in an evacuation zone.

The woman decided to stay in her home, rather than evacuate, because she didn’t want to leave her cats behind. Luckily, ASPCA responders were able to reach her, rescue the cats, and drive the woman to a friend’s house on higher ground.

The ASPCA is continuing to work closely with local officials and our partners in New Jersey and New York to respond to animal rescue requests. Our priority is to help reunite as many pet parents as possible with their animals.

Please support our efforts to reunite lost pets with their families in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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Gail Morrison

Do you need any help with fostering cats until their "parents" are re-located? I am so glad that you are out there helping. I was worrying about some of the elderly and their pets. I could not have left mine, either, if i was ordered to evacuate.


Thank you from the heart for being there in their time of need. Being so far away makes you feel at a loss to help, but knowing the ASPCA and other wonderful animal shelters have their best interests at heart inspires you to give financially to help them continue. May God be with you in your endeavors.


Hey ASPCA....thanks for spending all your time taking pictures and making commercials while you rescued all of the 6 cats when you were here right before you got kicked out of NJ. BTW, I am still waiting for that email list of the 100+ animals that still need to be rescued that you recieved when you were here. Guess you forgot to email me that because you were too busy trying to make money off of NJ residents!
Do NJ a favor, don't come back!

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