Breaking News: Hurricane Sandy

Friday, October 26, 2012 - 11:45am

Update, 10/31/12: As New York City and the surrounding region continue to struggle with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the ASPCA is offering assistance to families evacuated during the storm. Our responders are delivering supplies, crates and food to evacuation centers, where hundreds of animals are being housed, in the five boroughs.

For those evacuees who need to report pets left behind in the storm, please call the city’s 24-hour hotline at (347) 573-1561. This number has been set up specifically to check on missing pets. For reports of stray animals, please continue to call 311.

Stay tuned to our blog and Twitter account for the latest updates on the ASPCA’s hurricane rescue efforts.

Update, 10/30/12: As we begin to assess the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy, the ASPCA is on the ground to assist animal victims of the storm. Our staff and responders are hard at work providing relief to families affected by flooding and power outages.

Thanks to your support, we’re able to respond.

Stay tuned to our blog and Twitter account for the latest updates on the ASPCA’s rescue efforts.

Update, 10/29/12: The ASPCA is preparing to assist thousands of animals in the region affected by Hurricane Sandy, and wants to remind all area residents to stay indoors until the hurricane passes and it is safe for both people and pets to be outside. The ASPCA is also ready to assist with water rescues as needed.

If you have been ordered to evacuate, please do not leave your pets behind. All evacuation centers in New York City are required to accept pets.

Please stay tuned to our Twitter account and follow the hashtag #SandyPets for breaking information.

Breaking Update, 10/27/12: In anticipation of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall early Tuesday, the ASPCA wants to remind New York City residents that all evacuation shelters accept pets. Please take your animals with you if you need to evacuate.

To locate your evacuation zone, please check the OEM's Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder (or call 311), and the site will direct you to the proper facility.

Low-lying areas of the city that are most at risk for flooding and other damage are designated as “Zone A” and include: Coney Island and Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn; Far Rockaway and Broad Channel in Queens; South Beach; Midland Beach; low-lying areas on Staten Island; and Battery Park City in Manhattan.

Here are some ways you can prepare for a major storm:

Get a Rescue Alert Sticker for your home. By posting a sticker similar to the one found in the ASPCA Pet Safety Pack in an easy-to-see location, rescue workers will be alerted that there are pets in your home. You should include the number and types of pets present, as well as your veterinarian’s contact information.

Choose a safe haven. First, decide which room in your home will be the safest spot to ride out the storm. Then, know in advance where you can take your family and pets in case of evacuation. Check with evacuation centers and area hotels to find a pet-friendly location. In New York and New Jersey, all evacuation centers are required to accept animals.

IDs, please! Make sure your pet is wearing collars and ID tags with up-to-date identification. This is the perfect time to have your pet micro-chipped if you have not already done so.

Stock up. Make sure you have plenty of food—for humans and pets!—water, medications, batteries, first aid kits and other emergency supplies on hand in case of a power outage.

Stay indoors.  At the first sign of danger, bring your pets indoors and keep them with you.

For more information, check out our complete list of disaster preparedness tips.

The ASPCA will continue to monitor the storm’s progress. Be sure to check our blog, and visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for breaking updates.

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Rhonda Bradshaw

All subways, trains and taxis in NYC or allowing pets to ride for the evacuations.


Our company was so heart broken to see the negative effects Hurricane Sandy is having on pets. <a href="">The Poop Happens </a> is going to do everything we can to help out.


Look for our support at


Do Yous need any volunteers love to help, certified vet tech willing to help until the storms gone.

CC Scarbrough

Put muzzles on your pits, take sturdy leashes and take you, your pets and your family to a shelter if you need to. Don't stay in an evacuation area. If you have to stay in the parking lot with your dogs in the car, you will be safe and will have the facilities of the shelter.


Call your local animal control unit or emergency management center to ask where the closest pet-friendly evacuation centers are.

Northern Virginia area Pet Friendly evacuation shelter:
6601 Telegraph Road, Alexandria 22310, Phone 703-922-9841

Download this PDF of emergency info and listigs for Virginia:


Find Pet-Friendly Hotels/Motels:
Norfolk Area Emergency Management
3661 East Virginia Beach Blvd
Norfolk, Virginia 23502
(757) 441-5600
Emergency Info: (757) 664-7200

I do not work for the government, just passing this info I found along.


Hello. My home is open for Foster care for doggies :) Free of charge. How can I go about doing this?




We live near your main office on the UES side of Manhattan, both have experience cleaning crates and one w/ animal rescue, but his animal shelter is not on Manhattan, and he cannot get there. Please contact us if you need help. We are just a few blocks away.


How can we help volunteer with rescuing pets?