Breaking News: Dog Fighting Bust in Wisconsin

Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 4:45pm
Breaking News: Dog Fighting Bust in Wisconsin

The ASPCA is currently on the ground assisting the Milwaukee Police Department and the District Attorney of Milwaukee County with a multi-site dog fighting raid in the City of Milwaukee. Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission is transporting, sheltering and caring for the dogs.

Today, eight search warrants were executed at eight crime scenes, where 23 suspected fighting dogs were seized. Investigators also discovered blood on basement walls as well as other evidence of dog fighting, including treadmills, wound treatment supplies and muscle building supplements.

Experts from the ASPCA Field Investigations & Response (FIR) team are on hand to assist with evidence collection and documentation. The ASPCA has been assisting local authorities with this dog fighting investigation for nearly a year.

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Dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The ASPCA is committed to eradicating the blood sport. We have designated April 8 as the first National Dog Fighting Awareness Day to advance the conversation about dog fighting, and to encourage animal lovers across the country to take action against this brutal form of cruelty.

Please join the movement and take a stand. And stay tuned to for more information about this developing case.

Pictured above is one of hundreds of dogs rescued from a previous federal dog fighting bust across the Southern U.S. in August 2013. 

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Kudos to the ASPCA, and law enforcement agencies, for continuing their difficult work to put an end to this horrific torture. Bless them and bless these poor dogs who deserve so much better from human beings. I look forward to a time when this is no longer happening in our country. Until then - huge thank you to all that work tirelessly to see that it is stopped.


Too bad laws allowed it to take a year before anything could be done. God bless these dogs and those helping to save them.

Becky Bushke

I work with several dog rescues in Wisconsin, please let me know if I can help with ANYTHING!


Thank you to the ASPCA for all you do for animals in need. The world is a much better place because of organizations/people like you. I have been an ASPCA member for many years & encourage all those that can afford it to become a member as well.


Thank you for rescuing these poor innocent animals!!! Prayers that they will all be ok and find their forever homes!!! You are the heros!!!


God Bless for your persistence fight against any animal cruelty. These horrible people deserve the strictest punishment and pay for their crime. Thanks so much ASPCA for doing what you are doing; from an employee of the SPCA and a huge animal lover and activist.


I thank god for your organization. I am a monthly donor and will never stop trying to support your cause. Thank you for all you do.


God Bless these sweet innocent dogs, and the people who saved them. They All deserve the Best possible care and loving homes!

Judy. Largo, FL

I hope you find these disgusting criminals and lock them up for a long time!
Michael Vick should have taught them a lesson! These sweet dogs deserve
a better life in a happy home!


i'd love to adopt one of these beautiful guys is possible!