Breaking News: Dog Fighting Bust in Wisconsin

Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 4:45pm
Breaking News: Dog Fighting Bust in Wisconsin

The ASPCA is currently on the ground assisting the Milwaukee Police Department and the District Attorney of Milwaukee County with a multi-site dog fighting raid in the City of Milwaukee. Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission is transporting, sheltering and caring for the dogs.

Today, eight search warrants were executed at eight crime scenes, where 23 suspected fighting dogs were seized. Investigators also discovered blood on basement walls as well as other evidence of dog fighting, including treadmills, wound treatment supplies and muscle building supplements.

Experts from the ASPCA Field Investigations & Response (FIR) team are on hand to assist with evidence collection and documentation. The ASPCA has been assisting local authorities with this dog fighting investigation for nearly a year.

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Dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The ASPCA is committed to eradicating the blood sport. We have designated April 8 as the first National Dog Fighting Awareness Day to advance the conversation about dog fighting, and to encourage animal lovers across the country to take action against this brutal form of cruelty.

Please join the movement and take a stand. And stay tuned to for more information about this developing case.

Pictured above is one of hundreds of dogs rescued from a previous federal dog fighting bust across the Southern U.S. in August 2013. 

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lucrecia Fannon

Put the SOB handlers in a ring & have them kill each other!!!

mary jo geddes

I am highly against dog fighting and extremely glad that they broke it up but to put the animals down is wrong they did not choose to do this job the owners of these dogs did so maybe we should be putting them down.
The best thing for these animals is to find them loving homes.


These low life's losers they will get there punishment I love animals and it breaks my heart for these poor animals I will turn in anybody if they are doing this thank you for rescuing these lovey animals and may all be found and punished

Beagle Guy

This is the text of my email to PETA.

My wife and I have volunteered with four animal welfare groups over the last 12 years since my retirement. For the past seven years we've represented McHenry County Animal Control & Adoption Center by bringing stray and relinquished dogs to our local PetSmart and trying to adopt them into the welcoming arms and homes of adopters. On average, half the time we're successful. Through that effort and through our close association with MCAC generally, we have met and interacted with dozens of so-called Pit Bulls and Pit-mixes and adopted several out to families with children who wanted them as pets and not for any other reason.

I was appalled to learn through the Huffingtom Post that Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA, favored wholesale euthanasia of this breed. That she would blame the breed instead of the owners, trainers, abusers like Michael Vick, and dog fighting enthusiasts, is outrageous. These dogs have been chosen by dog fighting bad guys like Vick because they are very powerful and have a high tolerance for pain. But there is nothing innate in their nature's that makes them dangerous. On the contrary, some of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs my wife and I have met have been Pits. And they are among the easiest dogs for us to adopt out -- not to gang bangers or others with questionable motives. We follow up with the adopters. These are people like us, who want the dogs that others, like Ingrid Newkirk, want to put down.

So do not -- repeat DO NOT send any further solicitations for donations to my address. As of this notification, I will do everything in my power to discourage all of the friends, customers, volunteers, and anyone else we can find to talk to from supporting PETA. My wife and I are regular monthly givers to ASPCA and ALDF and less regularly to Best Friends and other local and national animal welfare groups. But we will never, ever give you people another cent!

Chrissy S

I live in Arizona, (the southern US), around August of 2013 my best friend's neighbor found a puppy on his doorstep. She was tiny, and starving to death. He couldn't care for her, so she was passed on to my friend, who fed her to her hearts content, but he feared his very large dogs might accidentally hurt her, so she came to live with me and my pups and kitties. She is an exact look alike of the dog in the photo above, the black and white (pit bull terrier?)dog.
We named her Peanut, and she's energetic. We all love her, people and pets combined. But we never did know where she came from, or what her breed is. The vet says Queensland Heeler, but she looks like my other two rescues, which are pit bull terriers.
Does anyone know where those dogs were rescued from in southern US, in August of 2013? What kind of dogs were they? What breed is the dog in the picture?
Maybe I'm "barking up the wrong tree", but I think my Peanut may have come from those beginnings.


The ASPCA rocks! Without you all out there in the field these dogs wouldn't stand a chance.

Tina Geronimi

Nothing ever will be done for animals as long as walker is governor

Diane Pease

This is very sad. Unfortunately, these poor dogs have been taught to fight. Hopefully, they can be rehabilitated. It would be terribly sad if they had to be put down because of the stupidity of these horrible humans that consider dog fighting entertainment. I am glad that there are laws prohibiting this horrible practice. Help the dogs, put the owners away.


you guys do such good work, makes me proud that i donate every month. wish more people did.


Anyone abusing an animal should be tortured and killed, if we did that these scumbags would stop.