Breaking News: 2014 Is, Indeed, the Year of the Horse!

Monday, January 13, 2014 - 9:30pm
Horse leaning over a fence

The U.S. Congress just released the brand new funding bill for FY2014 – a massive bill involving more than a trillion tax dollars – and we are thrilled to announce that horse slaughter will not be coming back to United States soil.

The ASPCA worked day and night to ensure that tax dollars would not be spent on inspections that enable the slaughter of horses for human consumption. We worked closely with other animal welfare organizations, consumer safety groups, as well as thousands of citizens representing the 80% of Americans that oppose horse slaughter, and Congress has listened. The message from Capitol Hill is loud and clear on this issue: Our horses deserve better and this dangerous industry must not be tolerated. Horse slaughter has no business here

Advocates fought hard when the Agriculture Appropriations bill was being considered at committee level, winning votes in both the House and Senate that amended the bills to prohibit funding for horse slaughter inspections.  And tonight, we finally know that this horse slaughter funding limitation is intact! Congress is not expected to make any changes to the bill text at this stage of the game, so the writing is on the wall for any efforts to open horse slaughter plants in the U.S.  Both chambers are expected to pass the bill, and the president is expected to sign it into law, later this week.

Now is the time for Congress to take the final step in protecting America’s horses from this nightmarish industry, by passing the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (H.R. 1094 / S. 541) to prevent both the slaughter of American horses for human consumption in this country, and their export for that purpose abroad.

Be a voice for horses and urge your members of Congress to cosponsor the SAFE Act today!

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Patty Carson

It is not "breeding" that causes unwanted horses. It is the nature of horse hobby, the training and competittion events that comprise the bulk of the hobby that creates cripples and mentally broken rejects that end in the kill pens across the country. Banning US slaughter only adds hours and days of misery to the end days of every horse bound for slaughter. It adds torturous industrial practices, and strips the horses of their right to USDA inspected and regulated industry. Horses will always be ridden and competed on to the extent of their ability, and sometimes beyond. Until people quit training and exhibiting them, there will always be a continuous stream of cripples and those rendered unsuitable for use by many other causes. If we ban breeding, then those that use them will import whatever they require. Yay, Canada and Mexico can now profit from increased sales, as well as profit from cleaning up the waste from the equine industry! Gooooo NAftA!

Suzanne Moore

Canada and Mexico have been accepting thousands of US horses from the time our old domestic horse slaughter plants were still operating until now. They will continue to slaughter thousands of US horses whether we have domestic plants or not. Since our domestic plants shut down, we have been sending just as many horses to slaughter via Mexico and Canada as we were when the domestic plants were open.

Our plants were just as bad if not WORSE than those in Mexico and Canada. In fact, many of the Mexican and Canadian plants are owned and regulated by the SAME people as our domestic plants.

Where do you get the idea that there will be increased horses going to Canada and Mexico for slaughter? We haven't had domestic plants since 2007 and we won't have any now. How does that translate to more for Mexico and Canada? IDIOT!

There are many places in the US that are closer to Mexico and Canada than to central Texas or Illinois. Are you unable to read maps?

Mariela McCarthy

Thank you so much I am so happy for the beautiful horses.

Mariela McCarthy

Thank you so much I am so happy for the beautiful horses

Connie Angeli

Awesome JOB! Thank You a million times! now lets move forward so our horses are not allowed to be transported to another country to be slaughtered!

Randy Janssen

I am no slaughter advocate. I am still feeding a 33 year old horse because he is a good horse. Yet I wonder sometimes if he is going to outlive my money. There is only so much grass in the world. What are you going to do with the constantly increasing number of horses, both feral and domestic? Do you have a practical plan? Has this plan been tried? Is there proof it will work? It seems to me that you should have answers, before you start congratulating yourselves.

Suzanne Moore

Have you ever heard of "euthanasia?" The number of wild and domestic horses is NOT increasing. You're the horses' owner - it's YOUR responsibility to have a plan for your horses should something happen to you or your ability to keep them. I have the same responsibility to my own horses and I would live on the street before I'd ever send them to slaughter.

Quit whining and live up to the responsibilities you freely took on when you decided to keep horses. That's what horse people DO.


Yayyyyyyyyy now all we got to do is to get Canada and Mexico to do the same thing maybe the US government can help us Canadian's out into helping to put this forward here :) and yes the safe act has to be in place to help save the BLM horses..Thank-you US Government


I would like to second Kelli's comments below!!!!! Applause!!!! This is fantastic!!!!

Jasmine Ellie

You better be watching Valley Meat Company in Roswell, New Mexico - they and their LAWYERS are DETERMINED!!!! PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN! There has to be a BETTER way of dealing with the overpopulation of horses.