Breaking News: 2014 Is, Indeed, the Year of the Horse!

Monday, January 13, 2014 - 9:30pm
Horse leaning over a fence

The U.S. Congress just released the brand new funding bill for FY2014 – a massive bill involving more than a trillion tax dollars – and we are thrilled to announce that horse slaughter will not be coming back to United States soil.

The ASPCA worked day and night to ensure that tax dollars would not be spent on inspections that enable the slaughter of horses for human consumption. We worked closely with other animal welfare organizations, consumer safety groups, as well as thousands of citizens representing the 80% of Americans that oppose horse slaughter, and Congress has listened. The message from Capitol Hill is loud and clear on this issue: Our horses deserve better and this dangerous industry must not be tolerated. Horse slaughter has no business here

Advocates fought hard when the Agriculture Appropriations bill was being considered at committee level, winning votes in both the House and Senate that amended the bills to prohibit funding for horse slaughter inspections.  And tonight, we finally know that this horse slaughter funding limitation is intact! Congress is not expected to make any changes to the bill text at this stage of the game, so the writing is on the wall for any efforts to open horse slaughter plants in the U.S.  Both chambers are expected to pass the bill, and the president is expected to sign it into law, later this week.

Now is the time for Congress to take the final step in protecting America’s horses from this nightmarish industry, by passing the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (H.R. 1094 / S. 541) to prevent both the slaughter of American horses for human consumption in this country, and their export for that purpose abroad.

Be a voice for horses and urge your members of Congress to cosponsor the SAFE Act today!

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Yay!!!!! Great news

C.C. Wellman

Great job everyone!! We still have a horrible epidemic of unwanted horses!! Please urge the breed registries and all the humane organizations to develop euthanasia and disposal funds, so people won't feel that slaughter is the only option!! It is THE humane option. We who have rescues would love to save them all but we can't. Slaughter is one of the worst horrors there is. They deserve better for their loyalty.


Euthanasia is not himae either! The end result is still the same: killing an animal cuz no one wants to take care of it! Period!

Christine Banman

Yes it IS humane!!! My word! it is NOT HUMANE to let an artheritic horse suffer, or horses that have foundered so badly that they are walking on their bone suffer......Putting them to sleep in a calm relaxed area with their owner is a HELL of alot better!! Think about it.


I did with my old guy. He's not in pain anymore. Cost me $100.00. If I would have taken him to auction, I would have got $50.00. Wow. Would have cost me $50.00 in fuel to get him there. He'd be past around from rescue to rescue to home to rescue. In pain, trying to chase flys, wondering where his next meal was coming, cold frozen ice buckets. He never had to worry about any of that with me, and I wasn't gona make him suffer at all.
“They say”
They say that I am crazy
To feel this way towards you.
They say it is impossible
To feel the way I do.
They say our love is in my mind
And not within my heart.
And that it would not cause us pain
If we were to part.
They say the trust
I say we feel
is just pretend and never real.
They say all this I know of course
Just because you are a horse. *Unknown author*

I miss him, but I know he isn't suffering anymore.

Suzanne Moore

Beautiful! I feel the same about my horses.

Tommy Lee

Indeed this makes my year to be the BEST.. 2014 is the year of the horse and to all our comrades that fought so long and so hard.

We thank you lord for the friends we have made and the people we have educate and inform them of the truth about horse slaughter.

Yet we are not done the passage of our horse bills are still urgently needed to stop the exports to Mexico and Canada so call those's elected officials now..


Thank-you Father be with us on this journey to stop the abuse and neglect on your creation. Raise people up to love and care for animals all over the world Father.

Teresa Grant

Oh Thank God!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now to pass the SAFE ACT and stop the BLM from their secret wild horse annihilation!

Kyle W. Wheeler

This is a wonderful thing that has happened to preserve these Beautiful Animals that have been such a large part of History in our Nation. We can win these very important fights that mean so much to the Nation. God Bless the United States of America.