Breaking News: 2014 Is, Indeed, the Year of the Horse!

Monday, January 13, 2014 - 9:30pm
Horse leaning over a fence

The U.S. Congress just released the brand new funding bill for FY2014 – a massive bill involving more than a trillion tax dollars – and we are thrilled to announce that horse slaughter will not be coming back to United States soil.

The ASPCA worked day and night to ensure that tax dollars would not be spent on inspections that enable the slaughter of horses for human consumption. We worked closely with other animal welfare organizations, consumer safety groups, as well as thousands of citizens representing the 80% of Americans that oppose horse slaughter, and Congress has listened. The message from Capitol Hill is loud and clear on this issue: Our horses deserve better and this dangerous industry must not be tolerated. Horse slaughter has no business here

Advocates fought hard when the Agriculture Appropriations bill was being considered at committee level, winning votes in both the House and Senate that amended the bills to prohibit funding for horse slaughter inspections.  And tonight, we finally know that this horse slaughter funding limitation is intact! Congress is not expected to make any changes to the bill text at this stage of the game, so the writing is on the wall for any efforts to open horse slaughter plants in the U.S.  Both chambers are expected to pass the bill, and the president is expected to sign it into law, later this week.

Now is the time for Congress to take the final step in protecting America’s horses from this nightmarish industry, by passing the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (H.R. 1094 / S. 541) to prevent both the slaughter of American horses for human consumption in this country, and their export for that purpose abroad.

Be a voice for horses and urge your members of Congress to cosponsor the SAFE Act today!

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Suzanne Moore

We know this because most of us are horse owners and we know what we give our horses. The FDA considers horses to be companion animals, NOT food animals. Therefore, they permit equine veterinary medications to contain substances that are absolutely banned for any use in any food animal at any time during their entire lifetime. NO withdrawal periods for banned substances. The FDA only needs to know that the meds are safe and effective for HORSES because horses are NOT food animals in this country.

If you're going to comment, you REALLY should learn something about your subject FIRST.


I don't know what you're talking about. This hobrse bprger is wjndfrdul and my brapn fwels fime aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

James Olson

Perhaps delicious, but deadly.


They are also filled with chemicals unsafe for human consumption. : )


It's sad that you have no soul.


Then maybe you should feed, hay, shelter and water all the unwanted horses out there. Sounds like the 1000's & 1000's of unwanted horses will do great at your place.

Suzanne Moore

There is NOT a large number of "unwanted" horses! That is a pro-slaughter lie all the way. Besides, the same number of horses will STILL be going to slaughter in Mexico and Canada. We sent horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter when our old domestic plants were open, and after they closed. It made absolutely NO difference in the number of American horses sent to slaughter. My God! Please people, if you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about, PLEASE refrain from posting such garbage.

There is plenty of room at rescues, but those horses DO have owners and they should be FORCED to live up to their responsibilities concerning their horses.

The only documented instance of large-scale abandonment is in the desert southwest where the killers dump off the horses that were refused by the Mexican horse slaughter plants. There are thousands of those all right, and they wouldn't be in this situation without horse slaughter!

Melissa Mikkelsen


Kate Gale

I want to thank everyone who worked so hard in getting the bill(s) hopefully both passed. I am wondering, does either one of the bills also include and forbid .the capture and transfer of horses and burrows to another country, to be used as slaughter?
With the bills in place, what will happen to those already captured? Will they be given to rescue groups? Or be let loose (I wish).

Suzanne Moore

Selling our wild horses for slaughter is illegal. But, no, our domesticated horses will still be going to Mexico and Canada. There is separate legislation in Congress to stop that. But at least we won't have this horrible, criminal, predatory and corrupt "industry" in this country.

I know what it's like to own horses and live anywhere near these houses of horror, and I will NOT have it back on our soil if I can possibly prevent it.