BREAKING: ASPCA Launches National Fleet of Puppy Interrogators

Monday, April 1, 2013 - 9:30am
BREAKING: ASPCA Launches National Fleet of Puppy Interrogators

Watch out! If you buy anything from pet stores that sell puppies, we’ll find you.

As part of the ASPCA “No Pet Store Puppies” campaign, we’re launching a national fleet of covert canine agents tasked with using advanced interrogation tactics to identify consumers supporting the cruel puppy mill industry. Most puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills, where they are kept in hostile conditions and do not receive proper veterinary care. The ASPCA’s interrogating canines will not roll over until this inhumane industry is eradicated.

“Our highly skilled fleet of puppy interrogators will be instrumental in identifying consumers backing the inhumane puppy mill industry with their purchases,” said Cori Menkin, Senior Director of the ASPCA’s Puppy Mills Campaign. “Our canine agents are ready to take this cause into their own paws, and it will be a dog day afternoon for anyone caught holding the wrong biscuit.”

We’ve already unleashed several of these undercover dog interrogators to tail pet owners who shop at pet stores that sell puppies. The campaign selected puppies that clearly have a bone to pick with the commercial breeding facilities that hold their canine comrades captive in such unsanitary, overcrowded conditions.

Confidential footage depicting one such interrogation session was leaked earlier this week and can be viewed below. Additional information can be found searching the hashtag #PuppySpies on Twitter.

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Alan MacIntosh

When I bought my puggle, I found a website that said Massachusetts Puggle Breeders, so I figured they were local. After I purchased my puggle, I found out that he was being flown in from Oaklahoma which meant he was most likely coming from a Puppy Mill.. I would love nothing more then to see these websites shut down as they are a scam and solicit themselves as local breeders but then you actually buy the dog and find out it is coming half way across the country. I would like to help in any way I can to stop this, please contact me if there is anything I can do to stop it.

Lisa Blubaugh

There is a pet store in our area that relocated and reopened about 2 years ago after being closed due to puppy mill, puppies (among other things} and this time, it seems like they kind of hide the name of there bussiness and the light up sign out side just says "Pets" but the actual name of the b pet store is Whiskers,Wings and Things. The same people seem to be running it and they get VERY defenseive if you ask any questions about the animals. Is there anyway this place could be investigated or at least checked out to see where there animals come from? And when a pet store is closed down, what happens to the animals?


I bought a dog(shelty) from a pet store. I now understand what it means to own a dog !!!My Prince I beleive was taken too soon from his mother. I worked with other animals with more of a horrible pass, I was good with love and patiants, slowly gain their trust.

Lynne Fracassi

If you buy a pup at a petshop or online...sight unseen, YOU ARE SUPPORTING the puppy mill industry. PERIOD! YOU are sentencing the pups parents to a life in a puppy mill! How does that make you feel?


These poor puppies need help they do not deserve to have to live in those conditions. Stop the puppy mills


I hope that we can continue to push for more stringent laws and penalties for puppy mills. I can't help but wonder what happens to the puppies not sold by these stores. We don't want to support puppy mills but if they are left in stores, what happens to them?

John Ciavarella

I beg to disagree with the Puppy Mill argument that is spreading.

The 3 best dogs in my life I found at a pet store. All three were pure breed Beagles. The pet store was a well established business that guaranteed that the puppy you bought was healthy. I do believe that my Ginger came from a breeder in Oklahoma or Kanses from the AKC transfer papers. She turned out to be a Delta Dog Pet Therapy Dog and the Love of My Life for 17 glorious years. Ginger, Bentley & Sherri all came from the same retailer whom I found out later was partial to Beagles. He even put me in touch with Bentley's parents owners who were responsible for the litter that he came from.

My point is that if this pet store owner had not taken great lengths to ensure healthy pups, I would never have met or had these three great dogs in my life. God gave them for a reason and this pet store owner was responsible for the life we all shared. By the way all lead healthy and full lives. Ginger lived to be 17 yrs, Bentley 14 yrs and Sherri 13 years. I would say that the alotted 10-15 years life was met with all three and I paptiently await to be reunited with them when it is my turn to go to the Rainbow Bridge were they eagerly await for me. John Ginger, Bentley and Sherri's Daddy

We have two of these pet stores in our town. Every time I drive down the road on a weekend, there's someone standing on the road with a sign saying "Sale - puppies" ... I wish I could stand there with a sign that says "Don't shop, Adopt!"


There are many thousands of dogs and puppies being put to death at animal control facilities each year. Thousands more are simply abandoned to fend for themselves and end up as road kill. And even more thousands are given away to "nice homes" through newspaper and internet ads. The nice people in the nice homes usually don't neuter or spay the dogs, leading to more dogs who are put to death at animal control facilities, etc., etc. and on and on. By buying a dog you add to the problem. By breeding a purebred dog, you add even more to the problem. Yes, some people have bought awesome puppies from pet stores and the dogs led long, wonderful lives. As in every bad situation, there is always an exception. But for the 99 out of 100 dogs who lead miserable lives and meet with a painful early death, that one exception is meaningless. Please don't BUY dogs or cats. Rescue dogs and cats from local shelters. All are spayed/neutered, given required rabies shots and are free from parasites when adopted. Every breed under the sun and moon is available. You will pay a reasonable fee for a totally vetted dog or cat and the money you spend will go to help another dog or cat. You can save the animals, one life at a time this way


why attack the little guys....those of us who go to the pet store? The AKC people are the ones who keep certifying the puppy millls as AKC breeders.....which meet very strict guidelines? you need to figure out which "Breeder" the pet store gets the puppies from....and then go after AKC for certifying the breeder......not those of us who have been duped into believing AKC is reputable.