Brave New York City Cat Survives Brutal Kick, Recovers at ASPCA Animal Hospital

Friday, May 9, 2014 - 4:45pm
King recovering at the ASPCA Animal Hospital

After a video of a Brooklyn man brutally kicking a cat was posted to Facebook last week, animal advocates alerted authorities, leading to the arrest of the man in the video footage by the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

Representatives of various animal welfare organizations, the Mayor’s Alliance and the NYPD worked together to locate the injured cat, named King, seen in the video. The NYPD transported King to the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) to undergo emergency veterinary care.

King is currently recovering at the ASPCA Animal Hospital and will continue to receive treatment and close monitoring as he heals. It is still too soon to discuss a timeline for King’s adoptability.

This case reinforces the importance of reporting animal cruelty in a timely manner. To report animal cruelty in New York City, please dial 311 or call 911 to report crimes in progress. Please visit our Report Animal Cruelty page to learn how to report cruelty in other areas.

Animal cruelty is a crime in every state—if you see something, call 911. Please join our battle against animal cruelty today!

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King recovering at the ASPCA Animal Hospital

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He was pretending to want to pet the kitten, he apparently attracted the cat with a morsel of food...that is why the kitten was right there looking up at the criminal's hands. All I can wish for is that the police will let the kicker back on the all know what to do....bash him in the balls with your feet that a bat....I bet you by the time he heals, he will begin donating to the ASPCA.


I certainly agree with you, the one filming should be arrested also. He is an accomplice. They both should have long term jail sentences. Maybe then, they would think twice before thinking its fun to hurt helpless animals. Also, it might send a message to these other psychos who think its smart to hurt helpless animals.


Boom .... If we really could, there would be hundreds upon hundreds of volunteers to KICK THE crap out of that scumbag

pam burgin

I pray he will be punished in this life and his afterlife- and I don't think will be very pretty- I hate someone doing this to any animal- I would be totally crushed if anyone hurt my babies


This story made me so upset, that I want to throw up evertime I think about it..I agree with all comments that this SOB should be TORTURED repeatedly, & that the same thing is done to him, while WE all laugh. As for this beautiful cat, God bless the police officers who brought him to emergency medical care, & God bless the Hospital staff caring for him. "King" deserves to live the rest of his years like just like his name reads..such a beautiful sweet boy, may angels always surround him


My wife and I volunteer at a small animal shelter just outside of San Luis, Colo. It is such a shame that there are people that have no regard for the animals that need so much help. In my opinion there isn't a punishment to small for such an Ahole. Kick him for twenty feet and see what he has to say. Poor King can't talk back./

Kathy Boose

Add me to the list. I have 7 kitties of my own and have been in cat and dog rescue for 16 years. I hope this guy gets treatment at least as harsh as he gives out!!


Count me in, even though I live in another country!


I would like to be the one to kick the man myself right in the balls for about 3 times ny cat got kicked also and his bladder was messed up

Kim Volkmar

I did not see this video, thank God. And thank the hero(s) who saved this animal's life and the Good Samaritan who gave him his Forever Home. There is a place for these creeps...animal abusers and child abusers should have to suffer the same treatment that they inflict on these helpless creatures.