Brave Brooklyn Pup Recovers from Serious Injuries with Help from the ASPCA

Monday, November 4, 2013 - 11:15am
Beagle puppy at hospital

When Benny’s pet parent brought him to Blue Pearl, a New York City veterinary clinic that provides overnight emergency animal care, he was in rough shape. This poor Brooklyn pup had serious injuries, and it seemed likely he had been hit by a car. The owners were going through a difficult time financially and could not afford the cost of the emergency care. They were heartbroken and appealed to Blue Pearl for assistance. Blue Pearl was able to provide subsidized care for Benny overnight, and called the ASPCA in the morning to see if we could help cover the rest of Benny’s medical needs.

With the help of the ASPCA Partners in Caring (PIC) grant, a program that assists low-income pet owners with emergency medical care by providing grants directly to veterinary clinic partners, we were able to provide Benny with the attention he so desperately needed. This brave pup pulled through, and is now recovering at home with his family. We’re so glad we were able to be there for Benny, and that his story has a happy ending.

Beagle pup standing outside wearing elizabethan collar

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I am very happy that Benny is recovered and back home with his nice family. I am sure they are totally relieved and grateful to Blue Pearl and the ASPCA for financial help in giving their sweet Benny the care he desperately needed. But dogs won't get hit by cars if they are kept on leashes, (if that is what happened), especially in big, busy boroughs and cities. Please be careful. It does not always have a happy ending.


I had a beagle and he was the love of my life and a wonderful dog, but he was an escape artist and a wanderer. Things happen so quickly to children and pets, so don't be too quick to judge. They also like to dig and can escape from a yard despite a fence.

Rosa Caldwell

Very happy that Benny recovered and found a loving home. Thank you for taking such good care of him and giving him a chance to be in a forever home where he will get the love and care he deserves. God bless you.

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