Biggie: Extra Large Lap Dog

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 9:30am
Pit Bull mix with cropped ears

When it comes to adopting a shelter pet, it’s not uncommon for adopters to experience love at first sight. That’s exactly what happened when Charles A. and his wife decided to bring home a new canine addition to their family in February 2013. 

“My wife and I had a Pit Bull named Daja, who was eight years old,” Charles says. “We had rescued her from the streets of Staten Island after someone abandoned her. After two years, she became sick and we were unable to save her.”

Charles says that after losing Daja, he and his wife decided to share their home with another dog.

“We wanted to be able to give the love and care that we gave Daja to another Pit Bull, because they are so loving and loyal,” Charles says. “We went to the ASPCA website and saw Biggie. His loving face and sad story of abuse touched our hearts.”

Dog standing on diving board looking at man in pool

Lucky for Biggie, who had come to our Adoption Center through ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement and spent nearly a year with us, his long wait for a loving home was over.

“Although we had never adopted a pet from the ASPCA, the process was easy and pleasant. The staff there was very kind and caring,” Charles says. “Biggie has been with us for six months now, and as funny as it may sound, he is a lap dog for sure. With all the love and care we have given each other, we are blessed.”

Brown and white pit bull mix laying on driveway

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Darling Biggie, I hope you jumped into that swimming pool with your kind human dad and had the best day of your life, love! You have been through so much pain and now you are safe, cherished, and cared for. Thank you to Charles and his wife for giving this wonderful dog the chance he needed to shine. Yes, Biggie and his generous human parents are all blessed!


OMGosh what an amazing huge beautiful dog. I would love him up and I don't mind that he is a lap two girls weigh 75lbs and the other 66lbs and they take turns jumping up in my lap sharing my recliner. Wow what a loving and amazing family thank you so much for loving the breed and thanks for giving Biggie and Daja a safe and loving home. You guys are wonderful have lots of fun.

Linda Moore

Great story!! We need many more families like this one to care & share their homes and love!!! Lucky doggy, Luckier family!! He looks like he's not sure what to make of the pool tho BOL!!! XOXO to all !!


Thank you for your loving hearts! Your pics and story brought tears to my eyes. Biggie is such a beauty and those soulful eyes just melt your heart. It is so wonderful to hear of the people who look beyond the "bad breed" rap these wonderful dogs get and continue to make loving homes for them. Thanks to Charles and his wife for making my day!

Donna Harrington

Biggie is a lucky, lucky dog to have found a family like you. I wish all good things for you all in every way. Your kindness will come back to you!!
Big kiss to Biggie.

Marilyn Mick

What a great and heartwarming story. Thank you Charles and your wife for taking this big baby into your lives and hearts. He is a cutie and deserves the love, kindness and loyalty that I know he will get with you. God Bless you all