The Biggest Sporting Event of The Year Is Here: The Puppy Bowl!

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 10:30am

Attention sports fans: The single greatest athletic competition of the year is just a few days away! Get your snacks ready and invite all your friends over this Sunday at 3:00 PM—it’s time for Puppy Bowl IX on Animal Planet!

Here are some of the reasons we’ll be tuning into the Puppy Bowl this Sunday:

1. All of the puppy players are shelter pets!

While we here at the ASPCA think all shelter dogs are cute enough to be on TV, these sweet Puppy Bowl participants do a great job as adoptable ambassadors!

2. The puppies are much cuter than those other, two-legged athletes.

We think that’s a fairly obvious plus. One look at game day pups Aurora or Biscuit and we know you’ll agree!

3. There will be kittens, too!

Are you more of a cat person than a dog person? You’re in luck! Unbelievably cute kittens will be featured in the Kitty Halftime Show! Check out this live cam of the kittens in their dressing room as they prepare for their debut at Sunday’s big event. You might even be inspired to check out our ASPCA adoptable cats!

4. It’s more fun to watch actual pigs on the field instead of “the old pigskin.”

Oink! We hear there might even be some friendly farm animals on the turf this Sunday.

5. Subaru, one of our besties, is helping to sponsor this fur-filled athletic showdown.

Don’t forget to check out Subaru’s new “Dog Tested. Dog Approved.” commercials, which premiere during the event, as well as Subaru’s new interactive Facebook app that lets users create custom drivers’ licenses for their dogs.

In the meantime, check out the Puppy Bowl participants hanging out in their locker room in this live puppy cam!

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Maria Z

I love the puppy bowl. It's more interesting than the Super Bowl halftime,especially with Beyonce singing. I hope all those puppies and kittens get adopted.

Donna A. Leone

This is better than the actual Super Bowl for me. We have two Subarus, and our pups ride in them happily and safely!

Leigh Anne

I've watched the Puppy Bowl over the Super Bowl since the first time it aired. Every year it gets better! Hope the exposure will help find forever homes for all the shelter pets participating!

Cadence Wynn

I will never hurt it

maureen griffin

Here's to shelter puppies and kitties. You're the best!


the puppies are SSSSOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!