Become a Foster Parent to Needy Animals!

Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 11:00am
happy dog

Do you have room in your home and your heart to be a lifeline for needy animals? Shelters often need outside help caring for pets until they’re ready for adoption. Becoming a foster parent is a great way to make a hands-on difference in the lives of animals in your community! Shelter pets who may benefit from some quality time with a family often include newborns and those recovering from surgery.

Fostering is a wonderful way to help your local shelter create more space for needy animals, and it’s a great way to enjoy the many benefits of having a pet in your life without the long-term commitment.

Still need convincing? Check out our Foster Stories for real, first-person accounts of how rewarding fostering can be!

P.S.: Live in NYC and want to become a foster caretaker? Learn about the ASPCA’s Foster Care Program and enroll today! Remember, many shelters across the country sponsor similar programs, so be sure to check with your local shelter if you’re interested in fostering needy pets.

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Patricia Masuda

I am so moved by people who foster animals, saving their lives, and giving those who are looking for a new companion to love to find their perfect mate!


I would love to have my family foster a dog or cat, but my dad and sister are both allergic to cats...and my other sister is allergic to dogs. :o( And another reason is that we already have two dogs, but they are poodle mixes, so they have less dander than most dogs, and they don't shed!!!


I never thought I could foster, but we fostered kittens over the summer, and now I get it. We already have 2 cats and a dog, but the kittens stayed in our daughter's bedroom, where they got love and attention, we gave them any medicine they needed, and it was great. The shelter provided all the food and litter, and paid for vet visits. It really is worth it. Just try it--oftentimes we think of all the reasons we CAN'T do it, but once we try, we realize it's easier than we think.


My husband and I are fostering our 11th foster dog! I love fostering! :)


We had our first foster dog this summer and I was so scared the whole time that I'd be a mess when his forever home came to get him- but I met them, we chatted, and I ended up just so relieved knowing he was going to have an awesome life that I didn't even shed a tear.

I was also worried about how my dog and cats would react, how having 5 animals in the house would be, how we would adjust to the new dynamic... it was crazy, but it was fun. I can't wait to help out again!


Hi, when I moved into my house a little over 3 years ago, I didnt have any pets. Since then, Ive taken in 3 strays cats of my own, fostered and found good homes for 7. Were currently fostering a kitten that we found while she is recovering from pneumonia. Ive spent as much as I can getting them all fixed, tested and for their shots. All this and 2 dog rescues... I do wish that there would be a time I would have to find any more homes for them.


We foster! It makes it possible for the shelters to get more pets into forever homes, and gives them space so they don't have to euthanize so many. It also gives the pets a chance to see what a home is like, and get any training they may need. We are just wrapping up fostering a mom and her 6 kittens, who were born at our home. All the kittens have been adopted, but mom is still waiting. Until then, she has a safe and loving place to live!

Elaine O'Donoghue

I am also my 11th foster. This sweet girl was abandoned an small old outdoor with 2 other dogs in MS. She was heartworm positive, but is well now, one dog died and the other is also being fostered.
It's a wonderful experience! Getting the "foster blues" after they are adopted is worth it after placing them with a forever family.

vilma mendoza

nosotros tenemos una perra adoptada, es la consentida de la familia, pero lamentablemente le descubrieron un tumor en el bazo. estamos haciendo lo mejor, Dios dira hasta cuando va a vivir, pero queremos que viva feliz el tiempo que le quede de vida


I have fostered several dogs. One was a crazy cairn terrier rescued off the street. turned out she was micro chipped and i was so happy to locate the owner. they told me her name was crazy and they did not want her back. she stayed with me for 5 weeks and was often a challenge but she was also sweet. i knew if i had not taken her in she would ave been euthanized at the city shelter. she went into breed rescue after the 5 weeks she spent with me and went on to be adopted by someone who knew the breed and wanted her. i saved her life and even though i have a chewed couch pillow to remember her by, it was worth it. fostering is great.