Athletes Take Action Against Killing of Stray Dogs in Sochi

Friday, February 21, 2014 - 5:00pm
Athletes Take Action Against Killing of Stray Dogs in Sochi

It’s been all over the news: The glamour and excitement of the games in Sochi have come at the expense of thousands of innocent stray dogs. Ahead of the games, the government hired a private company to eliminate stray dogs from city streets.

Now, the athletes themselves are joining the public outcry and efforts to save these precious dogs.  Last week, slopestyle skier Gus Kenworthy tweeted photos of four adorable stray puppies and their mother. (He them found hiding near the competition area.) The medalist pledged to bring the pups back to the States the moment he saw them.

We’re so happy the pups now have a second chance. Thank you, Gus!

The action doesn’t end there. ESPN correspondent Sarah Spain also saw the plight of the Sochi dogs and wanted to get involved helping homeless pets in her own community—so she’s pitching in!

“Like many people I was heartbroken to learn about the stray dogs being killed in Sochi,” says Spain. “While we may not be able to help those dogs, we can help homeless pets in our own backyard,” she explains. “In honor of the Sochi dogs, I’ve teamed up with a dedicated group of celebrities to help raise funds for the ASPCA.”

Thank you, Sarah and Gus. Your actions inspire us all.

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Exactly, Babs! Sadly, the "horrible Sochi dog problem" made better press than the kill shelters used daily in the US. Awareness of this horrible problem is a step towards a solution--so kudos to those athletes using their fame to help and who also realize we have the same issues as Sochi-albeit with different methods-at home.


Thank you! Sometimes you just have to bring it to people's attention to make a difference. Dogs are dying or starving at the end of a chain right here in the USA. I will never want anything but a shelter dog again!


I hope those funds being donated/raised by celebrities and Ms. Spain actually GO to saving lives of animals and not towards administrative/advertising fees. Did you check the financials for ASPCA?

Allyson White

Why not the Mother Dog with the 4 puppies???????

Silver Fang

So wonderful to see so many athletes returning with puppies tucked under their arms. Bring 'em home!


Don't raise funds for the ASPCA they DON'T HELP pets they destroy them! Raise funds for local rescues that DO HELP pets!

Jennifer Fuentes

It had to take kindhearted people from other countries to go in and help the dogs. The Russians are the coldest, non-compassionate people on earth. It's such a disgusting third world country. I don't understand why they'd hold the Olympics in such a shit hole.


Check out this story to see a true case of animal abuse and child abuse....then I pray that someone out there can help this family by bringing justice and arresting a violent and dangerous man...

Janie Marshall

I deeply admire the athletes for raising the awareness of the Sochi homeless dogs. Thank you to everyone who helped to give these animals a second chance at life.


I have 2 dogs in front of my apartment complex that are in the Patio and it is freezing outside (Temp#23F) . They don't have any shelter. Address 12121 Audelia Rd, dallas,tx#75243.

Can anyone help them.

Thank you