ASPCA Treats Service Dog Injured in Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Monday, November 5, 2012 - 5:15pm

Hurricane Sandy left many victims in her wake. However, we are relieved to report that Ivy, a one-year-old service dog, who was badly injured in the aftermath the storm, is expected to survive.

On Wednesday night, Ivy’s guardians were unable to go outside to walk her. Without power in their Manhattan apartment building, their elevator was also out of service. They asked their neighbor to take Ivy outside for some exercise.

Unfortunately, Ivy wandered off her leash onto a busy New York street, where she was presumably hit by multiple cars. A local resident found her early Thursday morning, and while she had suffered very severe injuries, she was still alive. Ivy was transported to the ASPCA Animal Hospital in Manhattan to undergo treatment. This brave dog is expected to make a full recovery.

We’re so glad we are able to provide Ivy with the crucial care she needed, and just in time. Please help support our ongoing relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Update 11/8/12: Ivy is continuing to recover from her injuries until she can return home to her dedicated pet parents. One of Ivy’s pet parents is hearing-impaired, and the other is incapacitated due to a knee injury and was unable to walk her during Hurricane Sandy. While Ivy was walking with a neighbor, she escaped from her collar and was hit by a car before being rescued by a good Samaritan and brought to the ASPCA. We are all looking forward to Ivy’s speedy recovery.


Lucy Muller

See what happens when you ask assholes to care for your pet. How could she get off a leash if she was a service dog. Was the idiot drunk or on drugs? That neighbor wouldn't want to come near me after that.why couldn't the owners climb the stairs and take care of their own dog?

Mary Wall

Why are the owners not taking her back? Seems odd. Seems like an owner responsibility problem from what appears here. I hope Ivy finds deserving and responsible owners that she can guide....


I agree

J (Dog Lover)

I agree, most of you are too fast at jumping to conclusions!! Dogs can easily slip out of their collars if something catches their eye, like a cat, squirrel, etc. And yet you are blaming the handicapped owners here!!!!!!! Your day is coming when you get old, and hopefully NOT handicapped!!!!! How many of you complaining about this were without power at that time???????


How was she able to wander? Wasn't she on a leash? For God's sake... How old is she and is she up for adoption?


Why is everyone being so weird about this. The owner couldn't take the dog out.. trusted a neighbor who obviously did the wrong thing, and now u all want her to retire and be up for adoption... GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE.. UR ALL WACKO'S!!! DUHHHHHH IT WAS AN ACCIDENT CAUSED BY CARLESSNESS OF A NEIGHBOR.. NOT THE OWNER !!! GET A LIFE

Robin Clarke

I will take her TODAY.

Robin Clarke

I will take her TODAY.


What is with you all, the owners didnt evacuate, they were there in the apartment. They are disabled enough to need the service dog. They asked for help and for whatever reason those people screwed up. Service dogs are very well trained, so i dont understand how the dog would have wondered. The main people to blame is the one or ones that hit the dog with the car. Im sure that the owners were worried when the found out the dog was gone but couldn't do anything to try and find her but call the local vets and shelters.
I believe the dog should be returned to her owners and the neighbors should not be trusted to help with the dog again.

Vicki Rutkowski

I agree that this story sounded weak as written, but I have every faith that the SPCA will thoroughly investigate befor ereturning the dog to that family. The poor baby- glad she is ok.