ASPCA Treats Service Dog Injured in Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Monday, November 5, 2012 - 5:15pm

Hurricane Sandy left many victims in her wake. However, we are relieved to report that Ivy, a one-year-old service dog, who was badly injured in the aftermath the storm, is expected to survive.

On Wednesday night, Ivy’s guardians were unable to go outside to walk her. Without power in their Manhattan apartment building, their elevator was also out of service. They asked their neighbor to take Ivy outside for some exercise.

Unfortunately, Ivy wandered off her leash onto a busy New York street, where she was presumably hit by multiple cars. A local resident found her early Thursday morning, and while she had suffered very severe injuries, she was still alive. Ivy was transported to the ASPCA Animal Hospital in Manhattan to undergo treatment. This brave dog is expected to make a full recovery.

We’re so glad we are able to provide Ivy with the crucial care she needed, and just in time. Please help support our ongoing relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Update 11/8/12: Ivy is continuing to recover from her injuries until she can return home to her dedicated pet parents. One of Ivy’s pet parents is hearing-impaired, and the other is incapacitated due to a knee injury and was unable to walk her during Hurricane Sandy. While Ivy was walking with a neighbor, she escaped from her collar and was hit by a car before being rescued by a good Samaritan and brought to the ASPCA. We are all looking forward to Ivy’s speedy recovery.



She should not be allowed to go back to her owners. Why exactly couldn't they take her outside themselves? There are defintely some puzzling aspects to this story and turn of events. If I found out my dog "wandered" off her leash - I would be outside looking until she was found. There is something very fishy about this and this beautiful dog deserves a better home.

nicole nelson

god bless her!


There are so many silly comments on here... The article makes it quite clear that her owners could not take her out themselves because the elevator was out of service. Since Ivy is a SERVICE DOG that would make one assume that her owners might have a physical disability which makes them depend on the elevator to get down, and as it was out of service they asked the neighbors for help. I don't know how the neighbors lost the dog, but I doubt she ran off, got hit by a car and that the people walking her just left her there. I would guess she somehow got off the leash, and ran away. The neighbors probably tried to find her, but lost track of her, and when she was finally found by someone she had been hit by a car. PLease people, stop being so judgmental. Accidents happen, and I doubt the owner or the neighbors are to blame. The people who ran her over in their cars and didn't stop - yes, but stop talking about pressing charges against the people walking her etc etc. Don't be so naive, think a little. I'm glad the dog will be okay.


I am horrified at the number of people here who are calling for Ivy to be taken away from her family. Ivy is a SERVICE DOG. Isn't it possible that her owners are disabled and the fact that the power and the elevators were out of service meant that they were physically unable to get Ivy outside? The way I read this article, that is exactly what happened and they asked someone who they trusted to take her out for them. What happened from there nobody can tell for sure, as there are a lot of details missing from this article. The word "wandered" (off her leash) is certainly misleading. Maybe she broke her leash, maybe she slipped out of her collar, who knows? And how does everyone know that nobody looked for the dog? It doesn't say that anywhere, just that she was found the next morning. Lots of details missing and lots of people jumping to conclusions. Next time your pet gets hurt, let's take them away from you because you obviously don't care. Does that make sense? No, because I don't know you and I don't know the circumstances. Have some compassion.


Poor pooch! What truly bothers me about this is how many selfish, cold and inhumane people did not stop for this dog! What the heck is wrong with people? A lot of sorry excuses for human beings out there. No compassion for other living things or their suffering. You'd think Hurricane sandy would have made New Yorkers a little more compassionate and less selfish, guess not...

Susan Cherry

What is wrong with all of those people? I don't understand deserting a pet. My dogs are my hearts, my soul, they are our children. When we evacuate in Florida, we take them with us no matter what.
I definately support allowing Ivy to be adopted, but only by someone who can prove that they will be totally responsible and accountable for Ivy. She deserves a good family.

Debbie M

didn't his owners find it weird the neighbour did not bring the dog back??????

shannon petch

excuse me, but how exactly does a dog "wander off a leash"??? bullsh#t!!! the "helpful" neighbor should be charged w/ neglect and i hope ivy gets to just be a dog after this!!


this breaks my heart. How anyone can hit this sweet dog, or any animal just breaks my heart. I'm so happy Ivy will be ok. God bless Ivy and watch over her.


my god could not this person walking the dog be more hard is it to walk a dog...shame shame shame...good news that ivy will make it