ASPCA Treats Service Dog Injured in Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Monday, November 5, 2012 - 5:15pm

Hurricane Sandy left many victims in her wake. However, we are relieved to report that Ivy, a one-year-old service dog, who was badly injured in the aftermath the storm, is expected to survive.

On Wednesday night, Ivy’s guardians were unable to go outside to walk her. Without power in their Manhattan apartment building, their elevator was also out of service. They asked their neighbor to take Ivy outside for some exercise.

Unfortunately, Ivy wandered off her leash onto a busy New York street, where she was presumably hit by multiple cars. A local resident found her early Thursday morning, and while she had suffered very severe injuries, she was still alive. Ivy was transported to the ASPCA Animal Hospital in Manhattan to undergo treatment. This brave dog is expected to make a full recovery.

We’re so glad we are able to provide Ivy with the crucial care she needed, and just in time. Please help support our ongoing relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Update 11/8/12: Ivy is continuing to recover from her injuries until she can return home to her dedicated pet parents. One of Ivy’s pet parents is hearing-impaired, and the other is incapacitated due to a knee injury and was unable to walk her during Hurricane Sandy. While Ivy was walking with a neighbor, she escaped from her collar and was hit by a car before being rescued by a good Samaritan and brought to the ASPCA. We are all looking forward to Ivy’s speedy recovery.



Is Ivy up for adoption now? She should be a retired service dog after an accident like that.


i agree this sounds like a careless accident she should be retired after an accident like this and given to a nice family.


What the heck? Not one car that hit her stopped to help? What a sad state human kind is in. Glad this girl is going to make it. I can't imagine hitting her and not stop.

Debra Winer

I live across the street from the hospital, can I come over and give Ivy some love and attention!!! please :) I would love to see if I might be able to adopt or foster


She should go back to her owners, it wasn't the owners fault that she got hurt. Just because the ASPCA thankfully helped with their dogs injuries doesn't mean that they should adopt her out.


Explain to me HOW a dog wanders off her leash. I think the nieghbor are morons-didn't these morons see her get hit and left her on the street to die-animal abuse in my book! Is anyone going to press charges against them? HELLO ASPCA!!!!!


I am so happy to hear that Ivy is going to fully recover! Should Ivy be placed up for adoption I am very interested in providing her with an amazing home!!!!

Judi Cornfield

Why no one stopped this poor dog or helped her after she got hit. Makes me so angry!! She's a beautiful dog and I hope Ivy is ok and gets a good home. God Bless you.


I would hope that Ivy will not be returned to "guardians" who so carelessly let her be taken outside by someone who obviously didn't care for her welfare. Did they even wonder why she was not brought back to them? And how does a dog wander off a leash??


What happened to the folks that let her off leash? Did they not have the decency to run for her and take care of her, considering they were taking her as a favor to her guardians?! Didn't her guardians care that she never came home that night?! They should all bear some consequences in this situation.