ASPCA Transport Hits the Road…Again!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 9:00am

Animals receive quick medical exams.

Guest Blog by Kristen Limbert ASPCA Animal Relocation Manager

We're at it again! As part of our monthly transport program, the ASPCA just relocated 33 more dogs from Louisiana to New Jersey. In partnership with the Louisiana SPCA, AnimalWorks and St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center, we're able to bring a group of southern dogs to the Northeast, where they are more likely to get adopted—and we can do it every month!

A unique part of this transport is our partnership with AnimalWorks, a Tennessee spay/neuter group. Located at the trip's halfway point, it is the perfect pit stop. Our transport team is greeted by staff and volunteers, who help us offload all the dogs, as well as walk and play with them, giving them a nice reprieve from the cages on the truck. 

Vets and vet students are also on hand to provide quick medical exams—checking for any signs of illness, injury or stress that would preclude a dog from making the rest of the journey. So far, all the dogs have handled the trip beautifully!

We have no doubt that this group of canines will find loving homes just as quickly as our April batch did—and we sure are happy help give them that chance.