The ASPCA Teams Up With Ralph Lauren for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 2:45pm
The ASPCA Teams Up With Ralph Lauren for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

In conjunction with Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, Ralph Lauren has collaborated with the ASPCA to create The Dog Walk, a short film featuring rescue dogs from the ASPCA and the designer's Fall 2013 accessories collection. The film takes you on a virtual dog walk through the streets of New York City and Paris, with a few fun surprises along the way. 

From October 15 to November 15, 10 percent of the purchase price of select accessories and dog apparel* featured in the film will be donated to the ASPCA to support and raise awareness for shelter dog adoptions.  We're pleased to announce that all of the shelter dogs who starred in the film have since found forever homes and are thriving with their new families!

To watch the film and learn more, visit

* Ralph Lauren will donate 10 percent of the purchase price of all handbags, excluding pink pony handbags, sold at 888 Madison Ave on October 20, 2013, to the ASPCA.

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Exciting to hear that all the wonderful featured dogs have found loving, caring homes. Thank you to Ralph Lauren for emotionally and financially supporting shelter adoptions.

karin shaw

Thank you for using these gorgeous dogs, by doing so you have made the plight of rescue dogs more visible and targeted an a different audience who may have the money and resources to assist these beautiful animals. So great to hear all the dogs have found a home.


Thank you so much Mr. Lauren! It is so impressive that you have a heart for pets, and are taking time to make it work.


Good for Mr. Lauren! My husband and I are planning to get another small dog in the near future; I'm still mourning our "Poochie" who passed away 9 months ago! Meanwhile I'll try to get a nice and affordable crossbody Purse (Ralph Lauren)


I've got 6 rescued dogs. The best ever. Thank you Mr. Lauren for
helping great dogs find great homes. Kudos to you Sir!!!


OK, Ralph. Now I"m going to buy those shoes of yours I've been admiring. Win/win for us both. Thanks for the Dog Walk!

Diane Carroll

That was a fantastic thing for Ralph Lauren to do, hopefully he will have inspired other designer to do the same.


What a wonderful commercial...and even better that all the dogs featured have loving, forever homes. My hat off to Ralph Lauren to bring awareness for adoptive dogs!


This is such a great campaign. I don't have much money to spare but I always make it a point to give a little something every month to this great organization. Thank you Ralph Lauren, I'm sure this campaign will bring a lot of awareness to the general public. These dogs are so cute and lovable.

Susan Lily Hill

Did you notice ..? This highly commercial (and dreamy) video, set in Paris, features a strong visual of dogs as fashion accessories (and companions / I know) ...

You presented next to the article featuring important research concerning animals sentient emotional life, advocating thoughtful changes in "owning" animals and changes in how they are treated.

It would great if a video were created by RL showing happy adoptions and loving companions ... rather than super expensive handbags.

HELLO ..>?!!