ASPCA Steps Up to Help Bunnies in Need!

Friday, January 18, 2013 - 3:30pm
man with black and white rabbit

This may not be the year of the rabbit, but we’re kicking off 2013 by helping bunnies! The ASPCA Angels In Top Hats grants council was established to give funding to organizations in need, and we’re just “hopping” with happiness to announce this year’s recipient—SaveABunny.

Founded in 1999, SaveABunny works with shelters in California to save bunnies that might otherwise be euthanized. This includes rabbits from hoarding situations, cruelty cases and those with serious medical issues.

“The rescue work we do is both heartbreaking and hopeful. We witness abuse and trauma no animal should have to endure,” says Marcy Schaaf, founder and executive director of SaveABunny. “However, given proper veterinary care, individualized attention, lots of love and a safe environment to heal, we accomplish miracles.”

Through the Angels in Top Hats program, SaveABunny has been awarded $25,000 to expand their operations through shelter upgrades, improved foster capabilities and more resources for special needs bunnies.  

“We are grateful to the ASPCA for recognizing the plight of bunnies at high risk of euthanasia. This grant will allow us to provide an even deeper level of care for these highly intelligent, sensitive and often misunderstood companion animals,” Schaaf says.

Could your local rescue group or shelter use financial assistance?  Visit our Grants page on ASPCAPro.