ASPCA Staff Pick Dog: Baby

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 4:15pm
Happy pit bull wearing sweater

Every now and then, we come across a special dog in our New York City Adoption Center who just can’t seem to find a home. One such dog is Baby, a total sweetheart who has been in our care for more than a year and a half. During that time, our Adoptions team has formed a special bond with Baby, frequently describing her as a “cuddle bug with a heart of gold.” Baby has captured the hearts of many staff members here at the ASPCA, and while we love spending time with her, we can’t wait for her to join a loving family. 

This oversized lap dog already knows Sit, and would love to have you teach her other tricks. She is super sweet, and while she likes to say “hello” to other dogs, she isn’t a huge fan of playing with them. Baby takes her job as a companion very seriously, and doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. If you work from home or spend time in a dog-friendly location during the day, Baby would love to be by your side as your partner in crime. She’d get along fine with kids 10-and-up, preferably in a home without other pets—Baby loves to be the center of attention! 

If you’re interested adopting Baby, the cuddliest pup in town, please call our Adoptions department in New York City at (212) 876-7700 ext. 4120. To learn more about Baby, please visit her page.

Not able to adopt Baby, but know someone who can? Spread the word by posting the flyer below on your social media profiles! With your help, we’ll find Baby a home at last.

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judy reilly

A perfect companion for someone with a disability I'd think. Good luck, beautiful BABY!


I just rescued a sweet girl who looks almost exactly like Baby except she is fawn colored. Little did I know she was expecting. I did find wonderful homes for all her pups. My other rescue is bonding with her. This new rescue is the sweetest dog I have ever rescued. May Baby find her forever home soon.


What a sweet face! I would love nothing more than to bring you home but I have 5 other dogs already! Hoping someone scoops you up and loves you like you deserve!

Jaroslava AZ

Abviously, it is hard to place pitbulls, but if everybody watched Tia's program (pitbulls & parolee's) many more would find home and love. Ms. Emma, you say "i love you" maybe you can be the one to take Baby home. You can not just keep throwing sentiments like this every day around for nothing.


I object to your inference. I would adopt Baby if I could, but I cannot. The reasons are multiple and none of your business. I have adopted and fostered and cared for many, many abandoned and abused shelter animals. I will always continue to do so. Maybe you should start "throwing sentiments" of love around for the animals instead of your snide, mean-spirited remark. And, for the record, in caps, and these sincere words are not "for nothing": I LOVE YOU, BABY!

Jaroslava AZ

Gee, ms. Emma, what a lovely reaction to what i said. Your i love you sounds pretty shallow, anybody can say it whenewer, but you seem to have enough time on your hands to get of the couch and do something. You actualy argue about who is more in a hurry to post comments. And not to worry - my i love you comes together with action!!!

Karin Nelson

Please keep us posted on Baby. I have two rescue dogs (each with some issues) and cats already. I hope she finds a forever home. She looks very sweet. Thank you for keeping her there and working to find her a home.


Come on New Yorkers, get with the program. Who would not want to have Baby as a companion? There has to be someone out there in the huge metropolitan area that would be the perfect fit as a pet parent for Baby. The cutie needs and deserves a loving home. Adopt her soon, please.


I wish you the best Baby. You are really cute. If I could take you home I would. I hope you can get the best family possible.


Baby, Im in California, if I could fly out right now I would bring you back. No sweater needed here in the Valley. I hope some family will find you and bring you a forever loving home. Praying for Baby!