ASPCA Sandy Response Builds as Winter Sets In

Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 12:45pm

The ASPCA has been in Sandy-affected areas since the storm rescuing animals, reuniting them with their families, distributing critical supplies and providing critical veterinary care. The need was great right after the storm, and it’s only growing now as more families’ homes become uninhabitable and cold weather sets in. That’s why we’re continuing to expand our response to Sandy.

For the thousands of families without power, running water or even homes a week and a half after Superstorm Sandy, the ASPCA can’t unload our pet supply trucks fast enough. Everywhere our trucks stop, we are met by a crowd of needy pet parents who eagerly snap up the supplies before we can pull away to the next distribution point.

Pets are all many families have left, and they are eager to take good care of them in spite of all they’ve lost. To date, we have distributed thousands of pounds of pet food and cat litter to areas of extreme need, and we are ramping up this effort and fielding more requests every day.

Our grants department is fielding requests of a different sort: pleas for help from shelters and other animal welfare groups affected by Sandy. We’re expediting the process so these groups get the help they need immediately.

If you live far from the affected area, please don’t look away from this catastrophe now. Animals and their pet parents need our help desperately, and we’re working around the clock to meet their needs. To date, we have helped nearly 6,000 animals, and we don’t expect this operation to wind down any time soon.

If you would like to contribute to our disaster relief fund, you can make a gift here. Every cent will go to ASPCA disaster relief efforts.

For updates on the ASPCA’s response to Sandy and its repercussions, please keep an eye on the ASPCA blog and follow the ASPCA on Twitter

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Leslie Anderson

There is a cat that was left on South Beach Long Island...there is no one take care of it and it is starving. Can anyone rescue it I live too far away.


I am the hockey director for a program located in south florida. many families now living in florida, originally came from the NY, NJ,CT,area. I would like to have the players participate in some sort of community service project to help the animals displaced or injured as a result of the storm. since many may donate items- food, litter, blankets, etc.- it will be hard to mail these items. is there a drop-off location in florida that I can bring the items to so they can make there way up north.

Christine Sample

I live in Indiana, but would be interested in fostering a cat from either Sandy or a shelter. I know I'm too far away, but am willing to take care of any pet displaced/sheltered. Thanks for all you do, I really appreciate it!
I am a pet parent as well, and I know I would want the same for my cat, Letty :-)

Candy Style

I am feeling good to see that atleast animals are protected in safe hands!! :) :)
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