ASPCA Sandy Response Builds as Winter Sets In

Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 12:45pm

The ASPCA has been in Sandy-affected areas since the storm rescuing animals, reuniting them with their families, distributing critical supplies and providing critical veterinary care. The need was great right after the storm, and it’s only growing now as more families’ homes become uninhabitable and cold weather sets in. That’s why we’re continuing to expand our response to Sandy.

For the thousands of families without power, running water or even homes a week and a half after Superstorm Sandy, the ASPCA can’t unload our pet supply trucks fast enough. Everywhere our trucks stop, we are met by a crowd of needy pet parents who eagerly snap up the supplies before we can pull away to the next distribution point.

Pets are all many families have left, and they are eager to take good care of them in spite of all they’ve lost. To date, we have distributed thousands of pounds of pet food and cat litter to areas of extreme need, and we are ramping up this effort and fielding more requests every day.

Our grants department is fielding requests of a different sort: pleas for help from shelters and other animal welfare groups affected by Sandy. We’re expediting the process so these groups get the help they need immediately.

If you live far from the affected area, please don’t look away from this catastrophe now. Animals and their pet parents need our help desperately, and we’re working around the clock to meet their needs. To date, we have helped nearly 6,000 animals, and we don’t expect this operation to wind down any time soon.

If you would like to contribute to our disaster relief fund, you can make a gift here. Every cent will go to ASPCA disaster relief efforts.

For updates on the ASPCA’s response to Sandy and its repercussions, please keep an eye on the ASPCA blog and follow the ASPCA on Twitter

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luz canales

NO saben cuanto amo los animales, los adoro con todo mi corazón , me encantaria poder contribuir economicamente pero en este momento tengo una crisis economica fuerte y solo subsisto por la gracia y la misericordia divina, asi que por ahora solo puedo contribuir con mi oración y bendiciones para ustedes por su bendita y preciosa labor Dios les recompense ampliamente y que los que si pueden Dios toque sus corazones generosos par a que aumenten las donaciones que tanto necesitan, sean bendecidos con todo mi amor desde mi presencia sagrada y muchas gracias por toda su labor DIOS LES BENDICE POR SIEMPRE Y PARA SIEMPRE.

Sandy Foley

Speaking from experience...these folks and their pets will need months (if not years) of care and support. We were victims of Hurricane Isabel...our home was left standing but badly damaged. Restoration will be slow, insurance companies will be overwhelmed, contractor's and supplies will be in short supply, prices across the board will be inflated, & scam artists will come out of the woodwork-- but the most heart wrenching part is that many of these folks may be separated from their pets for a long time. In the wake of Hurricane Isabel in VA...many pets were lost because they were not properly identified, some pet owners were fortunate and did find their pets only to be forced to re-home or surrender their pets to humane organizations because they simply couldn't afford to board their pets for a prolonged period of time. My heart breaks for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. What is the long-term plan for fostering pets from the affected areas? This is only the "beginning" of the journey for those affected, they will need our prayers and support for a very long time. God Bless them all...the storm victims, their pets and the ASPCA as they provide shelter and care to those affected.

Rosalie Revesz

how does one volunteer to go to disaster sites to aid with animal rescue?

Carter White

Will help babysit peoples pets while they look for new homes. I have worked for Strays and Others and have rescued and fostered dogs. I live in Darien, Ct. and have a fenced in yard and multiple places for cats, dogs, etc to live. Let me know.

Andrea chaneski

I would also like to know how I could help rescue pets- I don't have money but I do have time. Please tell me where to go- I live in Hoboken NJ.


i would likee to help in some way but im only twelve and i live all the way in florida i singed your pleedge so you have my email my name is tails if you can just send me an email of what i can do to help. i did a board project on you .and eveyone loved it and i got an A. in my project i also talked about a dog named oreo a pitbull mix she got thrown off a six story i there's any way i can help just give me an email please.


I am so glad there are agencies for the protect them. We have donated for all the animals to be reunited with their loving families. God bless the APSACA!


What about farm animals? Horses? Chincoteague ponies?


I live in the Richmond Hill area of Queens, we got our power all back now and thankfully not much for damage. I would love to help anyone if I can. I dont have extra money but I am a stay at home mom with a young baby and would help out any way I can. If the animal is kid friendly please notify me!

Laurie Jerdo

I would try to foster a dog from AC&C called Nice. He is on deathrow here. Do you sponsor this fostering? I also live 5 hours north of NYC. Can you transport?