ASPCA Rescues Starving Pit Bull Chained to Tree

Monday, June 18, 2012 - 12:15pm

One-year-old Pit Bull Zelliewas just skin and bones when ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) Agents found her with no food or water. The neglected pup was shackled to a tree with a padlock attached to a short, heavy chain—and there was no escape for her. Not until we arrived.

Our Agents quickly rescued Zellie and transported her to the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital in Manhattan for treatment. Weighing just 32 pounds, veterinarians determined that she was both starved and dehydrated.

This Saturday, Shakisha Codling, 31, was arrested by ASPCA Special Investigator Mark MacDonaldand charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. If convicted, she faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. She is due in Queens Criminal Court on July 31.

As for Zellie? After receiving treatment by ASPCA staff, she now weighs 48 pounds—a 51 percent increase!  She is currently receiving lots of love and attention at the hospital and will eventually be made available for adoption.

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Kim Reaser

I will never understand why someone gets a dog, chains it to a tree, starves it and ignores it. My babies have always been well fed, well loved, walked, played with and always received vet care. They are part of my family and are treated as such. These people shouldn't be having pets or children for that matter. How sickening.


The person who did this to Zellie; the court should mandate the person to charged as a higher class charge, be fully financially liable for all vet bills, a monthly care charge for at least the next 5 years, required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per week for the recommended period of time Supervised ONLY cleaning up poop and cages at a local shelter, NOT be allowed to possess an animal in the period of time and obtain required counseling. The provisions for persons who commit deliberate animal abuse are too cushy, okay, the court makes a few dollars, but who pays for the rest???


Actually, the lawmakers need to pay attention to this matter more seriously. There are studies that show people who mistreat and abuse animals most likely do the same to children and women. It is a strong indicator of abuse in general, so this isn't just about animal rights anymore. That should be enough, but unfortunately there are pathetic people in this world who don't care about animals and see them as things. If we could get those insensitive jerks to see how it relates to people, maybe they'd start caring just enough to do something. The woman in this case isn't going to care and she'll probably never pay the fine (I doubt she can even afford it) or serve much (if any) time behind bars. She's probably the type of person who will just blame the situation on someone else or even the dog itself since obviously she doesn't understand the meaning of responsiblity.


We need to change the laws and make jail time real time!!



My sister and I were visiting our Grandfather in Oakland California some weeks back for a few weeks. I from Chicago and Sis from Pennsylvania. We noticed in the next yard there were two starving Dogs. We went out and bought food and gave them water as well. We then called all over Oakland, every number we could find. If the numbers weren't disconnected then no one answered them. We called the Police and they gave us a number to call which led us back to a number we already called. Finally there was a girl who was vising from a nearby town and I took her over to show her the Dogs she was shocked and went home and actually got someone. The next morning Animal Control came and got them. The Dogs were more than anxious to go with them. This past week I got a call from Oakland Police and he was asking a few questions. He said the guy who owned the house was in jail but is out now and they don't know if they are his Dogs and since we are out of Town he doesn't know if there will be a case. WHAT THE HELL??? I think since those Dogs were left to die in HIS yard and him knowing that he should be held totally responsible! I wish I could get follow up on those dogs. They were beautiful dogs.


Perhaps the "animal" that chained that poor pit should be chained to a tree without food and water for the same amount of time the dog was to get a taste of her own deplorable behavior! If you knew that you were going to be faced with your own treatment, you just might reconsider your actions. She's more of an animal than the dog she maltreated. Our Judicial system protects the human's (used losely) rights, but the dog was brutally victimized! Justice shouldn't be determined by the number of legs you have!

John Smith

All animal abusers must be shot on sight. If you see someone abusing animals, kill them immediately. All animals have a right to life but not all humans do. If you kill an innocent being, you must be killed also. Fight against them. Kill, and win.

Shakisha Codlin...

For the last time to are ur dump ass I didn't hurt zellie she. Was my dog hear the whole story before your jurd ok


The thuoght of any dog having to live a life with no food water or love is devistating. Every dog deserves a home with warmth food water and love. My family is considering adopting a dog from the aspca. I will try my best to get word out about how much animal crulty there is and try to sugest adopting an animal from the aspca or any pound or shelter. Dogs cats and all the other animals deserve a happy life. Its our job to help that dream live on.


That why she beat the charges ur dump ass hear the whole story before ur judge