ASPCA Rescues Starving Pit Bull Chained to Tree

Monday, June 18, 2012 - 12:15pm

One-year-old Pit Bull Zelliewas just skin and bones when ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) Agents found her with no food or water. The neglected pup was shackled to a tree with a padlock attached to a short, heavy chain—and there was no escape for her. Not until we arrived.

Our Agents quickly rescued Zellie and transported her to the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital in Manhattan for treatment. Weighing just 32 pounds, veterinarians determined that she was both starved and dehydrated.

This Saturday, Shakisha Codling, 31, was arrested by ASPCA Special Investigator Mark MacDonaldand charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. If convicted, she faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. She is due in Queens Criminal Court on July 31.

As for Zellie? After receiving treatment by ASPCA staff, she now weighs 48 pounds—a 51 percent increase!  She is currently receiving lots of love and attention at the hospital and will eventually be made available for adoption.

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I think the punishment needs to be stifer to many people are getting by with this cruel abuse on these beautiful animals, im ashamed to call these people humans

Elaine H Guss

48 states have now made animal abuse a felony, as it should be. It was hard for me to find out that New York was one of the ones that have not. Considering the ASPCA is located there and Burgh Memorial, must see the worst of the worst. I'm sure the people in these few ststes that have not put the felony charges into effect and need the support of their people, should ask for it and tell them what needs to be done. I'm sure they will make it happen. In the mean time Kudos to investigator MacDonald....the great work of the ASPCA and all the medical help from Burgh.. Elaine Guss Aspca Guardian.

Aimee Hayden

A MISDEMEANOR, it should be a FELONY! I wish they could make that guy go hungry with no water for a week(at least) I saw an episode of Animal cops where the woman got, I think 2 days with only bread & water! LOVED IT, I just wish the judge had given her more time! A person would live for a week, I don't think that would be to cruel to do to some of these people that do these Horrible Crimes on animals.

Irene P

Why is it that the pet food commercials on tv portray our pets as being our "children" and "family" when in reality such a large portion of them are treated as something less than worthy of our respect and care - it makes me sick, the hypocrisy of it. start punishing these abusers of other living things - where is our self respect?


WHY?? A good question with no answer. Bless those who save animals from humans. We as humans should be ashamed of abuse and neglect of animasls or humans, yet, there are laws in place to punish the perpretators. One year and $1000.00??? Are you serious? I truly believe they should received the same sentence as their victims. To heck with civil liberties and all the insanity. No one has the right to harm to any degree any other living creature. Our government need to tighten up the laws, Serious jail time and a huge
fine, if they cannot pay the fine then work their butts off picking up trash on the roadways. All we do is hope these heartless idiots do not have children or elderly people in their lives. They surely will be the next victim. So sad what humans have done to our world...

Kelly Pitts

Awsome!!! That's what the ASPCA is there for. I only wish the penalty for these people was worse than the max penalty on this charge.


I hope she gets the jail time AND the fine. Even this punishment doesn't seem enough for the way this animal was treated. Animal cruelty punishment should be much more severe. People that commit these kind of acts need to know the severity of what they've done, and that it isn't anything to be taken lightly.

Viviane Trevithick

Why do people like this take in a pet to start with? The animals are not the dogs and cats, it's these people. I signed the petition to make animal abuse a felony in our state. I'm sick of those scumbags who think nothing of abusing or killing animals. Bunch of sociopaths.

Amber Marienthal

Why do we say someone is acting like an animal when he/she is crazed, criminal or insane? The piece of sh&t who tied this poor being to a tree is acting like a human - only we torture for sport. I sign everything I can, donate to many organizations that support animals, but change just doesn't come fast enough for me. Everyday I see these stories and lose hope. For each being saved, there are hundreds suffering.


Some people take in animals strictly as an accessory or status symbol..Pit Bulls especially..this is horrendous..any person that can inflict this kind of neglect upon an animal has serious issues..and is not the kind of person that should be walking on our streets in my opinion..if you can do harm to a helpless animal what does that say about your character? Speaks volumes..