ASPCA Rescues Starving Pit Bull Chained to Tree

Monday, June 18, 2012 - 12:15pm

One-year-old Pit Bull Zelliewas just skin and bones when ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) Agents found her with no food or water. The neglected pup was shackled to a tree with a padlock attached to a short, heavy chain—and there was no escape for her. Not until we arrived.

Our Agents quickly rescued Zellie and transported her to the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital in Manhattan for treatment. Weighing just 32 pounds, veterinarians determined that she was both starved and dehydrated.

This Saturday, Shakisha Codling, 31, was arrested by ASPCA Special Investigator Mark MacDonaldand charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. If convicted, she faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. She is due in Queens Criminal Court on July 31.

As for Zellie? After receiving treatment by ASPCA staff, she now weighs 48 pounds—a 51 percent increase!  She is currently receiving lots of love and attention at the hospital and will eventually be made available for adoption.

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Angel Jones

I really wish there was a harsher punishment rather than a slap on the hand for something so wrong and cruel... Yes, it is punishment, but no way near severe enough, as an example needs to be made! How about we chain this person to a tree and make them undergo the exact same thing this poor dog experienced. I am so grateful to ASPCA for saving this dog and that she is doing so much better!!


Too bad she (Shakisha Codling) can't be shackled to a tree with no food or water. Seriously, just because the "victim" is an "animal", the crime is a misdemeanor?! It was ATTEMPTED MURDER and the only reason it was attempted and not plain ol MURDER is due to the diligence and actions of the ASPCA. THANK YOU ASPCA and special thanks to Special Investigator MacDonald.

I think that the punishment for this offense should be much more severe to say the least.

Mara Comitas

So much for women & nurturing! Keshia Curtis, the woman who starved "Patrick" the pit bull is asking for Pre-trial intervention. If the judge agrees, she won't even get a slap on the wrist for starving this dog to what appeared to be death.
Now, Shakisha Codling has pretty much done the same thing. Crimes against animals should not be taken lightly. I wonder if either woman would starve their children if they ever have them. They should both be harshly penalized. A lobotomy and sterilization wouldn't be a bad idea, either!


Another terrible story and another awful human being abusing animals. When will it stop? I know why it's not stopping anytime soon - this woman is facing misdemeanor charges. How will that possibly deter any other scumbag from committing an awful crime like this? Until serious consequences are enforced, and people go to jail for 10+ years for such an awful crime, it will not end. She should be brought out back and shot. Thank you ASPCA for saving this dog. Let's hope she finds a loving home where she will never fear for her life again!

Dr Carole

Congratulations, ASPCA! I celebrate the kind spirits of your workers, and that this beautiful baby was rescued! What a prize of new health you have brought her. She is so fortunate that she will soon have a forever family!

Congratulations, too, on the arrest,and bringing charges on the abuser here. It is difficult to get a case prosecuted, and you have to cover all the bases.

As for the punishment? Prosecutors and judges are stuck with penalties as provided by LAW. It's easy to complain; takes a bit more effort to get involved in changing legislation. Every change in the law is proposed under procedures by legislators who must be convinced to bring it. Check out the laws in your jurisdiction. If they are inadequate, jump in! Petition, ask ASPCA, contact your legislator.

I agree, the possible sentence here is woefully inadequate.

Again, thank you, ASPCA!

Carole Barnett, ASPCA Guardian


That charge is.... CRIMINAL!

Debra Schoonover

It is such a shame that the law still makes it far less criminal to abuse, and kill, an animal as opposed to another human being. Animals have feelings, they feel pain...when you take the responsibility to have a pet, then you should be punished as if it were a child, too. Otherwise, don't make the choice! Why should an animals life be any less important?


...shackle Shakisha to a tree without food and water!


I wish the law would change and be more for the victim not the abuser. I hope someone shackles the idiot who did this to poor Zellie to a tree and lets her starve. Zellie is a beautiful girl and I hope she finds a good home with good humans who will love her.