ASPCA Rescues 50 Dogs in Bronx Dog Fighting Case

Friday, June 22, 2012 - 12:30pm

Nearly 50 dogs, ranging in age from 12 weeks to five years, were found yesterday living in the windowless basement of a six-story apartment building in the Bronx. The space, which served as a makeshift dog fighting arena, was littered with crude wooden cages and had the capacity for roughly 100 spectators. Raul Sanchez, the building’s superintendant, was taken into custody and charged with animal fighting, a felony.

Working closely with the NYPD Vice Enforcement Division and the Bronx District Attorney's Office, our team played a critical role in the rescue of the dogs, forensic evidence collection and on-scene documentation.

Also discovered on scene were a loaded .25-caliber handgun, U.S. currency, and other equipment associated with dog fighting—including dog treadmills, harnesses, muzzles, syringes and a shopping cart full of raw chicken parts.

"Organized dog fighting is a brutal form of animal abuse where dogs are exploited and forced to fight as their owners profit from their torture," says Howard Lawrence, Senior Director of Operations for the ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement. "The dogs we saw today exhibited scarring and injuries consistent with fighting dogs. We’re determined to protect New York City's animals from this form of cruelty."

The dogs, many of whom showed scars from fighting, were transported to a temporary shelter for further evaluation by our emergency response medical team. The ASPCA will continue to provide legal support to the Bronx District Attorney's Office to help prosecute the case.

The investigation is ongoing.

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I hope these animals find a good home! I hope the abusers get sent to prison where they where THEY will be forced to fight.


You guys (NYPD, Bronx District Attorney's office, ASPCA, and the undercover person whom ever you may be) are awesome!!!! God bless you guys... You made my day a happy one!!!

Jesse Armaline

Thank you to the ASPCA. I hope every dog is now safe & will get adopted into a loving home.

Jeniffer kozlowski

They are NOT SAFE . The aspca chose to dump at least 17 of them in the HIGH KILL SHELTER IN NYCACC


Thank-you for all your hard efforts working toward the crueling inhumane person.. I hope they're able to trace down the rest of the others. Sad sad situations.. I pray for those precious pets finding a new homes,safe life & healing time. God Bless you ASPCA!


Please don't euthanize... Give the ones that can't be adopted out to Dog Town... They will rehabilitate and give these dogs a good life.

Linda Weiland

Nail these bastards to the wall, including the spectators. And a big, fat, fine for the owner of the building.


At least 15 of these dogs are currently at the Manhattan kill shelter, NOT in the custody of ASPCA. I guess that's what they mean by "temporary shelter?" Manhattan Animal Care & Control is just a few blocks from the ASPCA but it is a world apart. The cages are tiny and filthy, with upper respiratory infections running rampant. It is so bad there, that dogs often die in their cages due to pneumonia (caused by kennel cough/URI caught at the very same facility).

It is not only misleading but also unethical for ASPCA to be proclaiming that they "saved" these dogs, when all they did was pick them up and drop them off at a kill shelter that routinely euthanizes about 35% of all dogs who come in.

While these dogs are stuck there on legal hold, other dogs will die in their place.

This is disgusting. Please stop lying about your "rescue efforts" here in NYC and stop misleading people about where their money goes.


I too am disheartened by the misleading content of this ASPCA article. The chances of these dogs being put down are very high. The ACC is a death trap for a large portion of dogs that pass through their doors, especially pit bulls because so many of them come through. I've heard of certain dogs only lasting THREE days at the ACC before being euthanized - THREE DAYS. And this is where the ASPCA sent these 'rescued' dogs. This is just a fund-raising campaign carefully crafted by the ASPCA. Don't support the ASPCA - support your local NO-KILL SHELTERS if you really want to save lives. In 2008 the ASPCA took in $85 million and spent $10 million on advertising. Do you know how many animals they saved? 4000. Which comes out to $18,750 per dog. If you want to do right by animals, don't believe the fallacies constantly put forth by the ASPCA. This article is the perfect example of such untruths.

jill ashmore

if you look on this dogs thread it was there just 1 day ... i hadnt even seen it till it was dead