ASPCA Rescues 50 Dogs in Bronx Dog Fighting Case

Friday, June 22, 2012 - 12:30pm

Nearly 50 dogs, ranging in age from 12 weeks to five years, were found yesterday living in the windowless basement of a six-story apartment building in the Bronx. The space, which served as a makeshift dog fighting arena, was littered with crude wooden cages and had the capacity for roughly 100 spectators. Raul Sanchez, the building’s superintendant, was taken into custody and charged with animal fighting, a felony.

Working closely with the NYPD Vice Enforcement Division and the Bronx District Attorney's Office, our team played a critical role in the rescue of the dogs, forensic evidence collection and on-scene documentation.

Also discovered on scene were a loaded .25-caliber handgun, U.S. currency, and other equipment associated with dog fighting—including dog treadmills, harnesses, muzzles, syringes and a shopping cart full of raw chicken parts.

"Organized dog fighting is a brutal form of animal abuse where dogs are exploited and forced to fight as their owners profit from their torture," says Howard Lawrence, Senior Director of Operations for the ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement. "The dogs we saw today exhibited scarring and injuries consistent with fighting dogs. We’re determined to protect New York City's animals from this form of cruelty."

The dogs, many of whom showed scars from fighting, were transported to a temporary shelter for further evaluation by our emergency response medical team. The ASPCA will continue to provide legal support to the Bronx District Attorney's Office to help prosecute the case.

The investigation is ongoing.

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Thank you NYPD for rescuing these dogs. Please put them up for adoption...choose to keep them alive. The criminals, however, do what you want with them. Maybe lock them in a basement? Tie them to a treadmill? Inject them with whatever they injected the dogs with. NYPD are the true heroes here.


Absolutely horrible!! I hope whoever was associated with this rots in hell!


People that engage in these acts literally make me SICK! This is one small victory in a much larger fight, these people must be stopped. Thank you to the ASPCA for aiding as much as possible. I sincerely hope the innocent dogs do not become victims of death because of the cruel mistreatment. They can be rehabiliated!!!


i know probably half of them will have to be put down. still pitbulls can be a loving breed and it's people like this that make humans fear them. i hope they put this guy in jail for a long time.


I agree pitbulls are very loving dogs, I had one and he was the best dog I ever had the pleasure to be gaurdian of because that is what we are we are there guardians, we are intrusted to keep them safe, warm, make sure they have plenty of clean water and food but most important love because this is all they want. You can abuse any breed of dog they way the inhuman guardians of the dog fighting dogs do and turn them into fighters they just use pitbulls because of their strong jaws and because they are so loyal they will do what ever there guardian asks of them because all they want to do is please them and hope that if they do they will receive a little kindness just as you hear everywhere they give unconditional love unlike the human species

Irish Gal

Thank god that these poor babies were saved! Humans are a nasty species. Its all about making money and they dont care who or what they hurt or kill in the process, we have to be the worst species ever created!! I pray that one day before i die i get to see a change where animals with get the same sort of justice as us humans do! They deserve it, poor things!

Annette Overstreet

The people who do this are too sorry to live - just gutter trash. Thank you so much for the work that you do even though it is heartbreaking at times. Pleae make sure these people receive the most severe punishment possible.

hollis thompson

Thank you with all my heart. Only the Human Race would pre meditatively choose to exploit another species. What is the matter with us?


Thank you for actually doing something about this.I'm sick of hearing all of these horror stories that don't have happy endings like this. The fcat that dog fighting is still prevalent today makes me sick. I'm sure the owner wil get off with a slap on the wrist like the majority of animal cruelty cases. If i ever encountered a person this heartless to torture innocent creatures i cant even tell you what i'd do just to protect myself. Thank you again for helping these dogs.


are you taking any steps to make sure these dogs have a second chance or are you relying on the city services to do that..which are underfunded by the way and you receive millions in donations because people expect you to use the money for cases like this. You should clear this up..people are not going to be happy with you if this is the case.