ASPCA Rescues 50 Dogs in Bronx Dog Fighting Case

Friday, June 22, 2012 - 12:30pm

Nearly 50 dogs, ranging in age from 12 weeks to five years, were found yesterday living in the windowless basement of a six-story apartment building in the Bronx. The space, which served as a makeshift dog fighting arena, was littered with crude wooden cages and had the capacity for roughly 100 spectators. Raul Sanchez, the building’s superintendant, was taken into custody and charged with animal fighting, a felony.

Working closely with the NYPD Vice Enforcement Division and the Bronx District Attorney's Office, our team played a critical role in the rescue of the dogs, forensic evidence collection and on-scene documentation.

Also discovered on scene were a loaded .25-caliber handgun, U.S. currency, and other equipment associated with dog fighting—including dog treadmills, harnesses, muzzles, syringes and a shopping cart full of raw chicken parts.

"Organized dog fighting is a brutal form of animal abuse where dogs are exploited and forced to fight as their owners profit from their torture," says Howard Lawrence, Senior Director of Operations for the ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement. "The dogs we saw today exhibited scarring and injuries consistent with fighting dogs. We’re determined to protect New York City's animals from this form of cruelty."

The dogs, many of whom showed scars from fighting, were transported to a temporary shelter for further evaluation by our emergency response medical team. The ASPCA will continue to provide legal support to the Bronx District Attorney's Office to help prosecute the case.

The investigation is ongoing.

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Karen Hhobbs

I think it takes God awhile to get humans to pay attention. Thanks God one finally did. So many people are so wraped up in their own life they don't pay attention to the small creatures. We need more people to get involved and bring these things to the attention of Animal Control

Bonnie Hoiland

The Difference is That people have free will to be evil! God will not force them to believe in him! We need to pray that they will turn to him and stop this horrible animal abuse! But these awful cowards use this as their income.... So as long as there is poor, useless, people unwilling to support themselves, this horrible, horrible "sport" will continue. And the Good Lord knows I wish there was absolutely one possible thing I could do to change it!!!


God showed up via NYPD.


I think everyone just needs to realize is that there is no god. If there is, it certainly isn't a benevolent one. Gods are invented by small minded people that needs explanations for things they don't understand. Thank Man, for rescuing these poor unfortunate animals and Damn Man for being as evil as he is.


Why can't we just be happy for the dogs? Stop trolling.


@awdgator- this site is not here for debating on relious beliefs. do you realize that?


Well said awdgator...if our quote GOD was a loving GOD...Why would he let innocent animals suffer...sorry folks we are left on our own on this planet...Glad for the good folks who saved & save ALL the abused animals from their abusers...good job!


I feel sorry for you and will pray for you, anyone that has such hate for God as you seem to are lost souls that he would like to save. Yes I thank the humans that rescued these dogs but how where they lead to this poor inoccents?


You should learn to respect other people's beliefs and not be so arrogant as to think what you believe is correct. Respect for all living beings has to be taught, all you teach is negative.


yes i am so glad thank you bunches ASPCA you truly are a blessing for animals . God Bless you .