ASPCA Rescues 20 Dogs in NYPD Dog Fighting Bust

Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 2:00pm
ASPCA responder holding emaciated pit bull

A sign on the door of the house reportedly read “Premises is perilous to life,” and it was not a joke or an exaggeration. When the ASPCA and the NYPD entered the Queens home on Thursday, July 31, what we found was horrific—and heartbreaking.

Multiple dogs, many of whom were emaciated, scarred, and wearing heavy chains, were found without access to food or water. A bloody treadmill—a tool used to train dogs for fighting—weighted harnesses, steroids, syringes and other dog fighting paraphernalia were found in the home. At least one dog had deep scratch marks raked across its face.

Uniformed NYPD patrol officers from the 113th Precinct responded immediately to a complaint of dog fighting, called the ASPCA helpline, and less than 24 hours later both the NYPD and ASPCA—with the assistance of NYPD’s newly appointed Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad—were able to mobilize resources. Siblings Addison Holder, 44, and Keisha Hall, 33, are currently facing charges of animal fighting, unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine and felony drug possession, and are each being held on $100,000 bail. A third defendant was arrested on Wednesday, August 6.

The ASPCA has taken custody of the 20 canine victims found in the home. They are now receiving food, water, enrichment and love—many for the first time in their lives.

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“Organized dog fighting is a brutal form of animal abuse where dogs are exploited and forced to fight as their owners profit from their torture,” says Matthew Bershadker, President and CEO of the ASPCA. “Through our partnership, the ASPCA and the NYPD are determined to protect New York City’s animals from this form of cruelty and bring their abusers to justice.”

We are committed to helping these dogs heal, both physically and emotionally, but we need your support now more than ever. When you make a gift today, you will help provide these dogs with the urgent care they so desperately need, and you’ll help us continue to rescue victims of animal cruelty across the country.

These dogs and so many other animals deserve a chance at a better life. Please make a donation today.

ASPCA responder holding emaciated pit bull

ASPCA Rescues 20 Dogs in NYPD Dog Fighting Bust

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So agree with you Cheryl castrate them with 2 bricks and no anaestheic

Animal Advocate

Yup, I totally agree. I so wish we could do that. We can only hope that their punishments make them feel like that.
Anyone that could do that to a poor, innocent, loving, friendly, trusting, wonderful animal is fair game for equal abuse.


HA! That's funny Liz. Got me cringing

Animal Advocate

Fine all dogfighters $10,000 when caught; then jail time; then made to serve with watchful eyes as these batterd, broken, sad animals are rehabbed. Put big signs up in communities where dogfighting takes place that shame the dogfighters and make dogfighting appear scummy and uncool and unmanly; get very mean to the sadists.

krysty cavallo

These pieces of sh--t need to be public ally punished. Beaten, chained by the neck, deprived of food & water, beaten again,forced to run, using cattle prod, beaten & starved again. Co to UE for 6 months. No medical attention-if they die, they die.

Patricia Dehler

People like that don't change. They may put on a good front, but it's a part of their character (actually, lack of character).

krysty cavallo

I agree. These people are rabid. What do we do w/ rabid animals? Put them out of their misery.


They deserve more than that. There's no excuse for anyone treating animals like that.


Jail time? that means you and I have to feed them with our hard-earned money. No, let them be shark food....