ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge Heats Up

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 2:30pm
small cat in a volunteer's hand

It is here, people! August 1 is the official kickoff of the 2012 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge, when shelters across the country will engage in a friendly, three-month competition to save more animals’ lives.

What can you do to help? Well, get out and adopt, of course!

This weekend, the 50 shelter contestants are pulling out all the stops to get the party started right. From all-night adoption parties to special promotions (hello, free cats!), these events are sure to get the public pumped up to adopt a pet and help their local shelters find more pets more homes.

The animals are counting on you!

For a full list of festivities near you, please visit our 2012 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge events page!

And don’t forget to follow @ASPCALive as we bring you all the minute-by-minute kick-off action this weekend. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #100KChallenge and help your favorite shelter find homes for even more animals!


Pat Rice

I bought the most amazing dog from the ASPCA and someone confiscated this dog and gave him to Hollywood. I know who stole my dog his name was John Gilbert, he was on the Home Owners Board where I used to live and he had keys to everyone's apartment. He left the board but kept the keys and the people on the board stole my things, or my landlord Sandy Busick (something like that) and I saw my dog on television. I tried to get my son's dog back but you had already taken my dog. My neighbor was Brian Beauchamp who lived next door and took advantage of me and left me with a $400 telephone bill, which I had to pay. The second thing, is I will get rid of Rachael Ray because I will own the television station. Doris Day had a song the real title of this song was Porque Sera, Maid in Manhattan wanted the serum for a lot of 'drugs' my family developed and so Eisenhower said it was like taking candy from a baby and took control of the drugs my family created. Ike went after my family and stole the drugs.


I wish next time you do an animal adoption challenge, you insist that all adoptions must be paid for. Shelters are just giving away these dogs in hopes of winning the $100k you are offering. While I know your heart is in the right place, these dogs are now in harms way. 3 dogs that were given away to one family by the Bakersfield shelter 2 days ago are now up on Craigslist being sold for $. God only knows whats happened to the other dogs that are being given away. Many people sell them as bait dogs or to research labs. Isnt this defeating your purpose Rachael? THINK THINK THINK about this next time. Shelter are only seeing $$$ signs right now. I truly feel like you may be doing more harm than good with this contest.

Here is the posting I just came across for the 3 dogs: We have 3 dogs that we got from the Bakersfield shelter for our kids They were free yesterday so we were going to try it but come to find out our daughter is terrified of dogs. They are very sweet, loving, playful. VERY SMART. Trains very easily. They are great with our kids and other dogs. Very playful. Theye just needs a good home. We just ask a $50 re homing fee each.

This is not okay!


A while back I noticed a commercial that was similar to an episode of animal cops in which there was the tragic story, how they help and a happy ending showing a happy face waiting for its furever family. Typically I change the channel (as do many people I know) when your depressing commercials come on with the sad face of shaking puppies. People really do care, but don't want to see this in their everyday lives and they change the channel or move on to more pleasant things. It is just too sad to let it in. I have heard people say that it is just too depressing to go to the shelter to adopt a dog. I work with a rescue that pulls from high-kill shelters and it is quite an emotional rollercoaster to be exposed to even the small part that I am of the tradgedy that is how our society treats its animals and the endless caring of the rescue and shelter workers that put into saving them. So many people want to do what is good and right but they are afraid of being exposed to the bad. We all know millions of animals are killed each year, but what can be done to stop it?
Did you ever notice how when the reports about an animal saved from tragedy, they get flooded with calls for adoption of that specific animal? I think you should you consider this in your advertising. Highlight the positive, the actual helping your organization does and I'm betting more people will want to get involved. Show the shelters caring for the animals and show their happy faces. I honestly think more people will hear your message like that and not change the channel.
I guess that's just my 2 cents on the matter.


I agree that those commercials are just awful. They make me cry. Interestingly enough, after seeing them for a while, I couldn't take it and now make a regular monthly donation to ASPCA. I no longer feel so horrible when I see the commercial (although I do still change the channel).


Pity that those commercials are less than honest, but they are designed to tug at your heartstrings to open your purse strings.
Blatantly! Shelters are bad, no matter how you cut it, but I don't have much faith in aspca or hsus doing much about it.

I included both becasue they both run those ads. aspca maybe does some for animals in shelters, but hsus I don't believe does much for animals in shelters.


...simply make a small donation monthly and then you know you ARE DOING something to help. I agree these are so, so sad. Hard to watch - for sure. Do I turn the channel - yes! But, I pull the dollars I can afford to give every month out of my checking account and directly to the ASPCA! IT all makes a difference Bless all you critter lovers!


YEA! Ive adopted a wonderful kitty!


Congratulations to you and your new kitty - you're both lucky :-)!

Patrice Hocking

I agree with the comments regarding free pets. I have rescued 2 dogs recently, both were free, but came from an organization that I have worked with for years. They know me and I know them and they know my other pets - past and present. But I firmly believe pet owners should pay a fee, provide information on their property/home, their ability to provide the highest quality food, ensure they are willing to pay for vaccinations, licensing, and overall understand the responsibilities of pet ownership. I also believe they should be willing to attend one or two education sessions regards to responsibilities of pet ownership, pet training, basic medical care, nutrition and options available in the event they do have to give up the pet. A booklet should go home with every new pet owner with same information and they should be encouraged to join a blog or some community connection to other pet owners. Reinforced education on pet owner responsibilities is very important. Many pets die or suffer due to being left in hot cars in the summer, not secure enough fencing, riding in the back of a truck where their paws can be burned from the truck bed/liner in hot weather. They can also jump out, be strangled or be thrown from the truck in the event of a sudden stop. These are things too many owners do not think about. The other is proper food. A good, high quality dog food will seriously improve the health of any pet. I see too many people just grab a 50 lb bag of the cheapest food they can find, not realizing how damaging it is to the pet. The pet will then develop serious allergies, intense shedding, and overall poor health. If you can't afford a decent diet for your pet, you shouldn't have one. Vet care - can they afford and will they pay for medical treatment, regular vaccinations, teeth cleaning if needed? Too many people just want to euthanize a pet when an illness or accident happens to avoid vet bills. My rescued Lab was given up due to his age. He was 10 and the owners had a new puppy, did not want to deal with his aging, possible medical problems and eventually his passing, both financially and emotionally. He is a wonderful dog, in fabulous health, acts like a puppy most of the time and I am sad that his previous owners could just dump him like that. Pets are for the long haul folks not the latest fad, childhood experience (experiment). As with everything else in our society, too many people view animals as disposable. This applies to dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, reptiles, rabbits and everything other species that are acquired and then dumped when the curiousity fads and reality of pet ownership sinks in. I am the proud owner of a rescued aquatic turtle and hamster, in addition to my 4 cats and 4 dogs. The turtle and hamster both came to me when neighbor children grew out of their "pet phase". Many areas of our country are seeing an explosion of wild exotic pets like boa constrictors and other reptiles that someone no longer wanted and dumped. Rabbits are often sold at Easter time and then quickly killed, dumped or end up in shelters just weeks after Easter. I would say that when an adoption event happens, the people who want to adopt should have to wait several days before actually taking the pet rather than they have buyers remorse and the pet ends up in a shelter again shortly after or a worse fate. Pet adoption events are often like an impulse buy. These type of adoptions are not going to be successful. I know you will say that it is important to provide homes right away to as many pets as possible, but you may just be recycling some animals or the new owner may be too embarrassed to bring the pet back and it suffers a terrible fate. Family education to those adopting I think is also important. How to take care of pet, training of the pet, nutrition and basic rules like never take a pet where they will be left in a car in 90 degree weather.

Carla Jacob

Kudos to you Patricia on your wonderful comment. You are so right about these adoption fairs. I have 3 beautiful cats that I love and adore. Two of them I got out of the free pets ad in my local paper and the third one found me. Socks climbed up my back stairs and crawled up my screen door, looked in and wow I was in love. She smelled like oil and was sooo small. I took her to my vet she was healthy, hungry and cold but ok. Your comment should be a part of every ad for adoptions. No truer words have been said.