ASPCA Provides Critical Supplies to Homes with Large Numbers of Pets

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 4:15pm

The Cruelty Intervention Advocacy (CIA) program works in conjunction with Humane Law Enforcement to intervene in cases involving animals that are not victims of cruelty but may be at risk of becoming victims without intervention. To date, CIA has intervened in over 80 animal hoarding cases in New York City’s five boroughs. CIA’s Colleen Doherty told us about her work during Sandy.

When Hurricane Sandy hit NYC, I knew I had to get out to cases in impacted areas as quickly as possible to check on the condition of the animals. I responded to 11 cases in two days with a Humane Law Enforcement Agent and veterinarian, providing wellness checks to animals and critical supplies such as pet food and litter.

One case in particular in Coney Island, an area heavily impacted by Sandy, involves a family with 50 cats. Just before Sandy hit, the CIA team was coordinating a rescue operation to remove these cats and place them for adoption as soon as they were rehabilitated. Sandy interrupted this effort, and after the storm, I was not able to get in touch with the family because the cell service and power was out.  I headed there right away to check on them.

Luckily they didn’t sustain major flooding. They were in need of some supplies as lots of local stores were closed or flooded, so we provided them with all the essentials.

 It is an unbelievable feeling to be a lifeline to so many animals in my community. Being able to have a hands-on approach, seeing the condition of animals, pet parents and homes, and to see a case to completion, is an amazing privilege that I feel very lucky to have.

Please help support our ongoing relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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Kelly Porta

I just came from my local grocery store. All they could sell were non-perishables, understandably since we still have no electricity after 8 days. But I asked a manager "where did all the meat go?" She said "take a good whiff" the store stunk but there shouldn't have been any reason for that. With all the zoos and shelters desperately trying to feed their animals why can't we "Oh so intelligent humans figure out a way to get the meat to where it is desperately needed. I was told "red tape"?????. RED Tape!! MY ASS!!. I don't throw out a piece of moldy bread before I offer it to the birds or a neighboring squirrel. PLEASE< somebody come arrest me!! That'll be a fight I'll make sure hits the papers! If anyone can see the waste and stupidity behind this, PLEASE offer some suggestions. I'd love to bulldoze some red tape on this one

Bernadette Falcon

Not my dog. I'm dog sitting, because sister & three kids are living with partime.

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