ASPCA Photographer Cares for Hurricane Survivor Dog

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 5:00pm

Of all the areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, Rockaway Beach, Queens, underwent some of the most heartbreaking destruction. For one family in that area, this meant their first-floor apartment flooded to such a great extent that they could no longer open their front door. Luckily, the family is safe, and they managed to rescue their 11-month-old dog Hazel from the floodwaters just in time.

Unfortunately, Hazel’s pet parent, Eddy, has been staying in temporary housing that does not accommodate animals, and he was nearly forced to surrender her to a shelter. That’s when Geoff, a longtime ASPCA photographer and owner of Tischman Pets Photography, stepped in to help. After meeting Hazel and Eddy while on assignment at an evacuation center in Jamaica, Queens, and hearing their story, Geoff volunteered to look after Hazel for as long as necessary.

Despite going through a terrifying time, Hazel is thriving. She has made friends with Geoff’s dog, Baxter, and the two are enjoying playing and taking walks together. When Hazel sleeps in her crate, Baxter sleeps next to her on the rug. We’re so glad that Hazel is safe and sound in her temporary home.

There are countless other animals that need our help in Hurricane Sandy’s wake. Please help us continue to provide food, shelter and veterinary aid to animals affected by this storm.

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Lynn Madison


I absolutely love it when people go above and beyond to help people and animals in need. If Hazel had to go to a shelter, who knows if she would have made it out.

Okay, now here is the thinking of a rescuer, which I am, should her owner not be able to take her back, maybe just maybe could you keep Hazel? She does get along with your dog. Just a thought.

Great rescue Geoff!

Lynn Madison

Pam Locke

I can't tell you how much all of you are appreciated. It's hard to sit in MN., and read the current news, on all that's going on with the aftermath of Sandy, with the pets and people. I cry, when I see all you do to help the animals and the pet parents. I thank God that there are people like you willing to give all for these animals and pet parents. Thank you, and God Bless you, and protect you in your continuing work.


I have been putting this information out there. I live in Dutchess County NY and would gladly take care of a dog for someone until they can get on their feet again. I am a responsible and knowledgeable dog owner, sight hounds a specialty. Special needs welcome, vet references available. My heart goes out to all of you, your dog will be well taken care of I promise.