ASPCA Pet of the Week: Hal Was Left to Suffer—Now He Needs a Home!

Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 11:30am
White cat with black ears wearing pink shirt

Guest blog by ASPCA Senior Feline Behavior Counselor Katie Watts

Hal is a four-year-old cat who was found on the street, abandoned in a box. His teeth were severely decayed, and he was in extreme pain—so much so that he couldn't groom himself and had become severely matted as a result. After arriving at the shelter, Hal was groomed, all his fur shaved. He also had to have several teeth extracted.

He was soon on the road to recovery, but it was clear that the ordeal had left him traumatized. Hal spent the first week huddled at the back of his cage, curled up in a small ball and barely moving. He was given a quiet space to settle and provided with a box to snuggle in and a "privacy curtain."

Several staff members started trying to make friends, offering him tasty treats and hoping to coax him out of his shell. Slowly but surely, Hal began to warm up. First it was a slight rub on a hand as he was petted, and then he was at the front of his cage, ready with rubs and purrs.

When he was ready, Hal was taken to visit a staff office, where he could be socialized further. From that point, he couldn't get enough attention, and it was clear all Hal wanted was a warm lap and some chin scratches. He was so affectionate toward people that he would even sit at the office door, patiently waiting for a staff member to return, and once she was back, he happily settled on her lap again.

Hal has come a long way and survived a great deal. He now waits patiently, always at the door of his cat condo, ready to jump in a lap at the first opportunity. He even grooms his new friends by licking them as they pet him! All he needs now is a quiet home with somebody who will provide him with the love he so deserves.

Hal is available for adoption at the ASPCA Adoption Center. If you are interested in adopting please call our Adoptions department in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900. To learn more about Hal, please visit his page.

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Pamela- Mid TN

to those that said they would love to adopt Hal, but live in a different state, I have heard of a lot of situations like this. If you are serious about adopting, most of the organizations can make arrangements for this situation. Can someone from the ASPCA confirm this please? God bless all the animal rescue organizations for all they do for the animals.


Thank you Nancy, you will be rewarded daily by your beautiful new kitty. Once he knows you are the real deal he will shower you with love and gratitude!


aww well I feel confident that you are the right person to do the job of helping this cat recover! poor thing!


God bless you Nancy. You are truly a beautiful person.


Hal, you are so gorgeous! What an intelligent, wise, sweet face. I love your little shirt, too. I know in my heart that a wonderful human person will come along very soon to scoop you up and take you home and love you to pieces which is exactly what you deserve, angel. I love you, Hal.


Thank you God for those who help this sweet & adorable cat! I'd like to hurt the person (or people) who did that to him! I love you Hal!


What a sweet boy and what a beautiful face. I would love to adopt him but I live in Albuquerque -- it would be too far for Hal to travel home with me, I think, after everything he's been through. I want that boy to be happy and to be loved. ASPCA, please keep us updated on him.