ASPCA Pet of the Week: Feather

Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 10:00am

Feather is a very independent cat. She likes attention, but would prefer to decide when to receive it. This pretty lady also has a playful side! She would love nothing more than regular play sessions with her new family and favorite toys.

This special cat would do best as the only pet in a home with experienced adopters and teens 14-and-up. She would be thrilled to join a family who is willing to maintain a regular grooming routine to keep her coat shiny and free of mats. Adopt Feather today!

Feather is available for adoption at the ASPCA Adoption Center. If you are interested in adopting, please call our Adoptions department in New York City at (212) 876-7700 ext. 4120. To learn more about Feather, please visit her profile page.

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Feather, you are just like your name -- soft, fluffy, and oh so pretty. I hope some wonderful person comes along very soon to scoop you up and bring you to your loving and caring home. What a shiny, beautiful coat you have! What a lovely, expressive face you have!

Debbie Plott

I agree. Feather deserves a great, caring home. I hope that happens soon.

laura van riper

She is beutifulllll!

laura van riper

very pretty kitty


I already have a beautiful pure white kitty along with 4 others. I wish I could take 1000 more into our fold. I pray this pretty girl gets a wonderful, loving home real soon :)


Shes deserves a good rubbing and kissing.


Yes, a pretty lady, cute face, and plump and furry. I had to laugh though at 'it has to be a home with experienced adopters and teens 14 and up". Lol. What...did she write this down on a list or something? Or tell someone "I can get along with teens as long as they're 14...if they're 13...forget it!" lol

Redlepard44-aka Vee

she is a cutie: has she been adopted yet? what a lovely girl.....yes is fluffy looking and soft my female-babe has soft fur but not as full as this one. mine is blk and white. Ohh
wish could take her, but another female in apartment might mean wouldnt dare, babe is finicky about female cats.I'm lookin' for a male....with a soft side,looks
cute,maybe siamese,ragdoll look? or angora mix with long whiska's- not really lookin' for a tabby type.Gd Luk to Feathers....sure she has found gd home by now!!. be happy cutie pie.

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